About Portmoni

Our mission is to help entrepreneurs in developing countries grow sustainable businesses and change the world.

What we value

Provide exceptional value

We believe in providing exceptional value. There should only be winners in our relationship.

Care for people

Treating people right is a the core of our values. This means we will do everything we can to provide incredible customer support, with care and respect in our customers and team relationships.

Keep it simple

Simple is our motto. In a world that is growing more complex every day, we believe that keeping things as simple as possible is core in what keeps people happy and productive.

Think long term

We’re here for the long run, and our products and relationships are build with this in mind. We will invest in them and you because we will be together for the long term.

Why did we build Portmoni

We believe that the combination of mobile money and machine-to-machine connected devices is unlocking incredible value, and enabling extremly innovative business models in developing countries.

But getting mobile money working is a pain. Especially when you need to integrate it with machine-to-machine devices for pay-as-you-go or remote control. You need to deal with the mobile money suppliers to get payment notifications. Deal with the hardware suppliers to get devices data. Setup the billing plans. Integrate all this together. And, at the end, you usually end up locked-in the hardware supplier platform. If you add a new product line or switch supplier, you have to restart all this from scratch.

The team behind Portmoni experienced this pain first-hand when implementing pay-as-you-go solutions for solar and water access in South-East Asia and Sub-Saharan Africa. After redeveloping mobile money software several times, we decided to create a solution that would help small companies access the incredible benefits of mobile money and M2M, while avoiding the pain of the process.

This is how Portmoni was born. Open, hardware agnostic, and a fair price: we designed the solution we would have liked to use when we started. And we hope you’ll like it.

With more than four years of experience with mobile money payments and ten years of experience in M2M technologies, we started Portmoni as a software technology company. We believe a mobile money revolution has begun. And we’re here to help you be part of it.

Our Team

Benoit Lacroix

Benoit Lacroix

Portmoni Captain

Ben is passionate about new technologies and programming. He believes IT can save the world — or at least, enable incredible value creation and business models. He has a PhD in artificial intelligence and he spent three years working for a social business in Cambodia. He now lives in South Africa, but loves traveling across Africa and Asia!

Danièle Adler

Danièle Adler

Marketing Ninja

Daniele is obsessed over customer happiness. And she knows what she talks about! She has over 10 years of experience in marketing and content creation. So she knows Portmoni will have a positive impact in our lives and help us focus on what really matters.

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