Check out these reviews of the best accounting websites to help you design yours! Having a great website is a must to attract more clients for your accounting business.

best accounting websites

Looking for the best accounting website design? Or looking for inspiration to create your own website? Look no further! In this article, we review the best accounting websites. We also show you their strengths and weaknesses, so that you can get inspired for your own site. We also included an accounting website design guide to help you make the right choices for your site.

One of the goals of this article is to show what you should or shouldn’t do when designing your accounting website. In general, you want to create a site that is easy to use and makes it easy to contact you. You also want to differentiate your website from others. Fear not, it’s easier than it sounds!

Many of the accounting website designs that we’ve reviewed have a few elements that make them unique. Sometimes, all it can take is a single background image or touch of humor to wow a visitor and reel them in!

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The Best Accounting Websites

Before diving into the detailed review of each website, here are our 3 top accounting websites:

Tristan CPABest Copy Great copy and strategically placed call-to-actions. A well-balanced site to check out for inspiration.
AbacaiBest Call-to-action Look at this site to see how to create your call-to-action buttons. They get it perfectly right there.
MK AccountingBest CPA Website Simple but efficient website. Good example for small firms.

And now, let’s review each site in detail. We’ll see what we like about each of them and how they could be improved.

Tristan CPA

tristan cpa

Tristan CPA helps fast-growing firms outsource their accounting needs. They focus on small businesses and startups.

The website copy is very well done. It addresses pain points for new businesses, like the stress of keeping up with documentation. By doing this, they are speaking to the customer’s emotions rather than focusing on accounting-related details. It is always goof to focus on the benefits rather than on the features of your offering, like they do here.

Furthermore, their copy is well-tailored for their audience. For instance, they open the first paragraph with “Congratulations on your growing business”. This relates very well with their target clients.

What we like about this website:

  • Great copy, focused on pain points and on their target audience.
  • Clean, professional theme.
  • Call-to-action button in the navigation bar.

How this website could be improved:

  • They could differentiate different sections on the landing page a bit more. Using different background colors could be a way to do this, for instance.
  • Another call-to-action button could be added in the header section.

Location: Boston, Massachusetts, USA


abacai accounting website

Abacai is specialized in serving eCommerce businesses. They help online stores scale thanks to automation, specialist advice, and bespoke reporting.

Abacai focuses on a specific target audience, eCommerce, and adapts its messaging based on their needs. For instance, they advertise their expertise in inventory systems and sales tools. Then, they show how they articulate them with bookkeeping software.

Abacai also includes plenty of trust factors on their home page, to help convince their visitors. For instance, they integrate images and logos of their past clients, as well as case studies and reviews. They also mention the minimum size of business that would benefit from their service. This allows their visitors to decide by themselves if working with them could make sense.

You can find call-to-action buttons to book an appointment in the navigation bar and in the header section. They are also available at several other key locations on the site. Overall, this is a great example to follow.

What we like about this website:

  • Stands out with its pink and blue color scheme.
  • Addresses customers’ concerns.
  • Call-to-action buttons are placed at strategic locations with clear messaging.

How this website could be improved:

  • They could benefit from a blog to attract customers.

Location: Woking, Surrey, UK

Stride Accounting Services

stride outsourced bookkeeping

Stride Accounting Services is a team of accountants who provides bookkeeping, accounting, and strategic advisory services for professional services firms.

While a bit text-heavy, the header section of the site positions Stride services very clearly. Coupled with the very visible a clear call-to-action, the site starts well.

The home page then goes over each service they offer and move between them in sequential order. You’re also invited to explore more using a clean and responsive navigation bar.

Stride’s website includes plenty of trust signals to convince visitors. To introduce their team, they display each of their photos on the landing page. They also include clients’ logos, as well as several detailed success stories.

What we like about this website:

  • A large number of detailed success stories.
  • Very visible call-to-action in the header section.
  • The contact form is available on all pages.

How this website could be improved:

  • Promoting a book is an interesting idea, but I’m not sure why they do that at the very beginning
  • The home page is a bit text-heavy.
  • The logos of previous clients do not fit well on the page. It would have been nice to either fit them on one only or add more of them.

Location: 100% remote company

Azure Group

azuregroup websites accountant

Azure Group is an international accounting and advisory firm based out of Sydney and Shanghai.

The first part of this website is about establishing trust. For instance, the background image pictures a longboat. This feels appropriate as it implies that they see themselves in the same boat as their clients. The page also includes several clients’ testimonials to build trust. To describe their approach, they also use words like “experienced” and “methodical”.

They cover many important topics in finance and accounting and do a good job of being thorough while remaining interesting. The copy is informative without being too technical.

What we like about this website:

  • The navigation bar sticks to the top.
  • You can easily search the site.
  • Informative without being overwhelming.

How this website could be improved:

  • The text in the navigation bar is too small which makes it hard to read.
  • The call-to-action button in the header section could use another color to stand out more.
  • On mobile, the logo in the navigation bar is quite large. It almost hides the menu and search button.

Location: Sydney, Australia, and Shanghai, China

Counting House Associates

counting house biz accountant website

Counting House Associates works exclusively with small business clients and their owners. They provide back-office services including bookkeeping, accounting, payroll as well as tax reporting.

With professional photos and clean green and yellow accents, this website lends itself to trust. The design is clean and attractive, with nice icons and animations. The call-to-action buttons and contact details in the header are well visible.

In an interesting move, the prices are listed directly on the site. This transparency as well as the claim of being a one-stop-shop for all the business needs makes it stand out.

What we like about this website:

  • Speaks to small businesses directly.
  • Attractive without any special flashy animations.
  • Pricing is displayed directly on the site.

How this website could be improved:

  • They could provide pictures of their team to get to know them better.
  • The 2018 copyright date makes the site feel a bit dated. It would be better to update or remove it.

Location: Greenland, NH, United States

MK Accounting

maggie katz accounting

Founded by CPA Maggie Katz, MK Accounting is an accounting consultancy that deals with a diverse array of businesses. Her services include bookkeeping, consulting, and advising on Xero.

When you’re trying to attract customers, you want to make your website as easy to use as possible. This CPA website is a perfect example a simple yet attractive and responsive website. From the clean landing page to the copy she uses to promote her services, you get the sense that you’re working with a very competent accountant.

The navigation bar includes a contact button, which is great. Her contact page also feels personal, this is very nice.

What we like about this website:

  • Simple but efficient website.
  • Call-to-action button in the navigation bar.
  • Nice example among CPA websites.

How this website could be improved:

  • She could add more call-to-action buttons on the home page, as well as her contact details.
  • It gives a personal touch, but some visitors might perceive the picture of her dog in the about section as not so professional.

Caroprese & Company

caroprese web accountant

Based in New York City, Caroprese works with individuals and small businesses. They offer tax and accounting services.

Caroprese does a good job targeting their audience in their headline and copy. To avoid an information overload, they keep their web design nice and simple. They also include personal touches, like a message from one of their associates, Alexandria Runnels. This personal voice creates a direct connection with the reader, which is quite nice.

The navigation bar remains simple while introducing all the key services. It sticks to the top to allow the reader to easily navigate the site from any location on the page.

What we like about this website:

  • Great, responsive mobile site.
  • Simple, clean navigation bar.

How this website could be improved:

  • With both a headline and a written message on the right side, the slideshow design is a little clunky. Keeping only the headline and call-to-action button might be better.
  • It is a bit unclear where the “Learn more” buttons in the header section will take you. A more detailed label might be helpful.
  • The login button in the navigation bar is great. Adding a signup button might be even better, to offer an option for new clients.

Location: New York, USA


my verdant

Verdant is a firm that offers accounting, wealth, and marketing services.

The website opens with video footage of their team at work. This does a great job at bringing a human aspect into a subject that many perceive as cold and impersonal. The downside is that it can distract visitors from your main message. You need to decide which one feels more important for you or select a video that minimizes this issue.

As Verdant offers different types of services, partitioning those to keep the site well organized can be a challenge. In that case, they did a good job of splitting their services to ensure that things don’t get mixed up.

What we like about this website:

  • Very nice design of the home page.
  • Responsive accounting firm website with parallax effects.
  • Features blog articles on the main page.

How this website could be improved:

  • The menu is a bit wide. It would be better if every item appear in the menu rather than using a dropdown, even if it means removing some items.
  • The header video moves a lot, which can make it hard to focus on the message.
  • Call-to-action buttons could be added both in the header section and the navigation bar.

Location: Omaha Area, US

Marc Wasserman, CPA

wasserman cpa

Run by Marc Wasserman, this is a good example of an accounting website based on a personal brand. The website does a great job of crafting a high-end image by displaying Marc’s name in big letters with his face in black and white in the background.

Several other elements make the website visually engaging, such as small animations. For instance, the section descriptions start in grey and then light up in blue. Afterward, they list their services and testimonials with quick fade-ins. This is great to make these sections more engaging and attractive.

Since CPAs are handling sensitive information, the site needs to convey professionalism. The color theme uses mostly using black and white with some blue shading, which contributes to this.

What we like about this website:

  • The phone number in the header section.
  • You can easily search the website.
  • Small animations make the site more attractive.

How this website could be improved:

  • The loading page is a bit slow. This could cause visitors to leave before the content appears. It is always good to keep an eye on your page speed to avoid this.

Location: Hainesport, New Jersey

Los Angeles Bookkeeping & Tax

la bookkeeping

LA Bookkeeping is a team of accounting and bookkeeping professionals located in the Los Angeles area.

In addition to the phone number button in the navigation bar, the website includes a call-to-action right in the header section. With its orange color, it is well contrasted and makes the offered “Free consultation” quite tempting.

The header background shows a well-organized office space and feels quite appropriate in the context.

Overall, the site offers a balanced and professional feeling. The pastel yellow and green color theme is soothing and invites to reflection. The site is not overloaded with information, which is very suitable for a mid-sized practice like this one.

What we like about this website:

  • Invites you to start right away.
  • The interesting color scheme for an accounting website.
  • The menu makes their site easy to navigate.

How this website could be improved:

  • The typeface in the menu is rather small.
  • The last article in the blog dates from 2018. If your blog is not regularly updated, we recommend hiding the publication date. This will avoid the site and content look outdated.

Location: Los Angeles, California, USA

Solomon Hardwick

solomon hardwick

Solomon Hardwick provides tax services to both businesses and individuals.

On the landing page, you can identify several tactics used to make the website engaging. Firstly, they use responsive animations when you hover over various elements. This gives a dynamic feeling to the site. Secondly, they display a countdown to April 15th, the deadline for tax filings in North America. It’s a nice touch, and also a marketing element to show you that the clock is ticking and there is limited time to engage their services before the tax season.

In terms of call-to-action, the contact details in the navigation bar and the button in the header section make it easy to reach out to them. The background picture of the father throwing his child up in the air is nice to show you can trust them. It also gives a human figure to the firm.

What we like about this website:

  • They include FAQs to help visitors out with common issues.
  • Their footer includes quick links to point customers to relevant solutions.
  • Interesting accounting web design.

What to do to make this site even better:

  • The menu is quite complex, with 3 levels of navigation. Keeping it limited to 2 levels is usually recommended when possible.

Location: Charleston, South Carolina, United States

Berdon LLP

berdonllp accounting website design

Berdon LLP is a higher-end accounting firm that collaborates with clients big and small.

Berdon opens their accountant website with industry reports. They appear front and center on their landing page. To download the reports, you need to share some details about your business and your contact information. Using lead magnets like these can be a great tactic to capture emails and generate leads. However, using it in place of a standard headline is not typical. They would usually be placed lower on the page.

The home page then continues with the team, nicely presented in black and white headshots. They also include a mission statement and other communication tools on the site. This positions them at a more enterprise level.

What we like about this website:

  • Professional tone throughout.
  • The sticky “Let’s connect” button is nice to allow visitors to reach out from wherever they are on the site.

What to do to make this site even better:

  • The location of the call-to-action button on the right side is not typical. This might lead to some visitors missing it.
  • Opening the site with a case study is also unusual. If you are not in the target audience of the study, you might think the firm only focuses on this and move on before looking further.
  • Testimonials and reviews would be nice to have on the home page.

Location: New York, USA

Baldwin & Associates

baldwin cpa best accounting web design

Baldwin & Associates offers personalized accounting for high-net-worth clients. They claim to ‘sniff out’ errors on your documentation from a mile away.

This site‘s landing page certainly caught my attention. The photo of the dog’s nostrils is somewhat disorienting at first. But it resonates very well once you have read the headline, and the touch of humor made me smile. This fun-loving tone persists throughout the website, which is nice.

The contact details remain sticky at the top of the site. This makes reaching out to them easy from any part of the site. However, the location of the menu at the bottom of the header picture is a bit disorienting. This is not the usual location where you would expect to find it.

The green and black color theme is quite professional and pleasant.

What we like about this website:

  • Distinct and pleasant theme.
  • Dogs and bowties throughout.
  • The touches of humor.

What to do to make this site even better:

  • The location of the navigation bar at the bottom of the header is not usual. It might be disorienting for some visitors.
  • The black headline text and green dark background do not contrast enough. This makes the text hard to read.

Location: Mount Pleasant, SC, USA

City Tax Accountants

city tax accountants

City Tax Accountants is an Australian tax service. Their focus is to serve customers who need all their accounting needs fulfilled without concern on their part.

To differentiate themselves, City Tax claims to be the “smarter way to file tax returns” as a comparison to other services. They include plenty of call-to-action buttons to get you to book, no matter which type of appointment you choose. The navigation bar also includes contact information to make it easy to contact them.

What we like about this website:

  • A primary and a secondary call-to-action buttons in the header with different colors.
  • They include many testimonials.
  • The navigation bar does not include too many items.

What to do to make this site even better:

  • The call-to-action button in the navigation bar does not match the other available actions on the page. This makes it harder to understand what to do next.
  • A paragraph at the bottom of the page seems stuffed with keywords for SEO purposes. This makes it hardly readable by humans. This is something to avoid, especially on your home page.

Location: Sydney and Melbourne, Australia


rhn cpa

Operating out of the West Coast of Canada, RHN Chartered Professional Accountants advertises itself as a full-service accounting firm.

Their home page includes all the key information and is nicely balanced. Testimonials are displayed both on the home page, and on each service page. This is very important to establish trust, and well done. RHN also spends a fair bit of time talking about culture, which once again helps build trust with their visitors.

I’ve reviewed dozens of accounting websites, but I have never seen a navigation bar quite like RHN’s. While I like that it is responsive and sticks to the top, I’m undecided on whether I like including a button within the dropdown. Especially since the buttons only prompt you to learn more rather than being focused on a sale action like contacting them.

What we like about this website:

  • Good photographs.
  • Blog posts answering pertinent questions.
  • The landing page focuses on testimonials and culture.

What to do to make this site even better:

  • The navigation bar dropdowns include text in addition to navigation links. This makes it quite unorthodox.
  • Having a “Secure Upload” button at the main call-to-action button is surprising. Something more focused on new clients might make more sense.
  • The header message focuses on themselves and COVID instead of their customers and how they can help them.

Location: Vancouver, BC, Canada

Rina Accountants & Advisors

san francisco accountants

Rina Accountants & Advisors provides accounting and consulting services in four northern California locations.

Rather than dazzling users with flashy animations, RINA’s website focuses on content. Their copy speaks to their visitors in a personal tone. Their articles and slogans reflect a customer focus. They also include several testimonials and reviews for prospects to peruse.

RINA assists clients in different areas, such as wealth management. To go over these different services, their solution is to break that information between different websites under the Rina brand. If you have several facets to your business, you might benefit from this too.

What we like about this website:

  • Links to each of their services.
  • They introduce you to their team.
  • Their blog follows a nice format.

What to do to make this site even better:

  • The typeface is rather small.
  • They might overwhelm some visitors with text.

Location: San Francisco, United States


hco cpa firm website

H&Co provides international accounting, tax, and technology advisory services to global families and multinationals.

H&Co offers a wide variety of services. They do a good job of classifying all those services in a clean and responsive navigation bar. To match their positioning, their website conveys an aura of professionalism and prestige.

The animations in the header section use well-balanced colors and rhythm. However, they can make the page rather difficult to load.

I quite appreciated how their videos matched the content of the slideshow. For example, they target construction businesses by adding a neat animation of a building.

What we like about this website:

  • Nice animations.
  • The well-organized navigation bar sticks to the top.
  • Nice dark red and blue accents on white background.

What to do to make this site even better:

  • The animations might slow down the website.

Location: Several offices in Florida, USA

Ted Dubasik Certified Public Accountant

dubasik best cpa website design

Ted Dubasik is a CPA based out of San Francisco. His CPA website provides a convenient way to access his individual and small-business tax services.

This website’s landing page is an interesting example of how to use effective imagery. The white staircase in the background is clean and yet conveys a notion of growth and progress.

The website uses a nice black typeface on a white background and includes a few images. Nothing special, but enough to get the point across that you should hire him. The testimonials are especially detailed, which is helpful for many visitors.

What we like about this website:

  • Clever image of steps indicating progress.
  • Calls to action at the end of each page.

What to do to make this site even better:

  • The website could use more color and images.
  • The navigation bar font size is a bit small.
  • Using a menu instead of a headline in the header section may be a bit unexpected for some visitors. It’s always good to remain classic for key features.

Location: San Francisco, CA

Dynamic Accounting Services

dynamicsrv bookkeeping website ideas

Dynamic Accounting Services offers professional financial services in the Bronx, Westchester, and Queens areas.

With five call-to-action buttons and as many images visible in the header, this section feels quite overwhelming. It is hard to see at first glance what should be our next move as a visitor. Adding the newsletter signup in the middle of the image is also quite unorthodox and a bit confusing.

The services section lists a large number of options offered by the firm, which is great. However, the navigation is a bit unclear. The headers of the subsections also include a subscribe call-to-action button. This is again not the expected location for such a button.

What we like about this website:

  • The call-to-action buttons make it easy for customers to go where they want.
  • They advertise their awards.

What to do to make this site even better:

  • The home page is quite cluttered. It is hard to see what to do.
  • Having a pop-up by default hiding the main content is not recommended.

Location: Several offices across New York

Best Accounting Website Design Guide

In this accounting website design guide, we describe in details the key features we could find on the best websites we reviewed. Follow these tips to create the best accounting website!

Appear trustworthy

One of the key factors for websites for accountants is that they make the business appear as trustworthy as possible. It is indeed very important, especially in this field of activity.

To do that, you should include several trust factors on your home page and across your site. On the home page, you can for instance include customer reviews, testimonials, and case studies. Adding awards and professional certifications is also a plus.

You can also add specific pages for reviews and case studies. Some visitors will indeed want to read more about those.

All these factors will help convince your visitors that they can trust you. This will lead them to take the next step and contact you.

Be easy to contact

The second point is to be easy to contact. In the accounting industry, potential clients are going to want to interact with you before hiring you. A key purpose of your site is thus to make it as easy as possible for your visitor to contact you.

To achieve this goal, there are different tactics. First, you can use your navigation bar and add your details there. Ideally, you would include your email address, your phone number, and even a “Contact us” button. You can also make the navigation bar sticky so that visitors can reach out wherever they are on your site.

Then you should add a “Contact us” or “Book now” button in the header section of your home page. You should also use a very distinct color to make it very visible. This is one of the key locations where visitors will expect to find it, so make it easy for them.

Finally, include a contact link in your navigation bar, so that visitors can also go easily to that page.

With these different elements, most visitors will be able to find a way to contact you easily from your site.

Final Thoughts

As you could see, there are a few key accounting web design principles to follow to create the best accountant website design. Through the reviews, you can also see which sites you prefer, and get inspiration from them. Some might offer similar services to you, so you can assess your accounting website against theirs.

And if you want to create your accounting website, Portmoni offers a website builder that makes it very easy to create your site and use all the best practices of the industry. Why spend piles of money on a web designer when you can save you the money and hassle of hiring one?

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