Looking for ideas to create the best coaching website? We reviewed 22 of the best coaching websites to inspire you. We also included a coaching website design guide with all the tips to create a great website for your business!

best coaching sites examples

Looking for examples of the best coaching websites? In this article, we review 22 coaching websites to get inspired and create or update your own. And don’t miss the design guide that we developed specifically for coach website design. It describes all the features that make a great coaching website.

Coaching is a competitive industry. In a sea of brilliant coaching websites, you want yours to stand out. Luckily for you, coaches are great at inspiring people. To act as your guide, we selected and reviewed some of the best coaching websites available online.  I know that as a coach, you probably have a unique style. I hope that these examples will help you inject your coaching values into your website.


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The Best Coaching Websites

Before diving into the full list of reviews, here are the best coaching websites in our selection. Those are great examples to follow and get inspiration from!

Samantha Siffring Best Overall Everything is right and well-balanced, great website
Mel Noakes Best Lead Magnets Enticing free content that makes you want to leave your email
Caliber Strong Best Call-to-action You cannot miss what to do next, that’s really good
Michael Serwa Best Positioning Very clear and strong positioning and copy, excellent

And now, let’s dive into the detailed reviews of each of them!

The Best Life Coaching Websites

To start with, we selected and ranked some of the best life coach websites to inspire and motivate you to build a great website.

Mel Noakes

mel noackes


Meal Noakes is a self-care coach. Her focus is on helping you to take action to positively impact your body, mind, and life.

From the outset, you feel as though Mel is speaking with her target audience candidly through sincerely written copy. This message is amplified by the website’s clean and attractive design.

One of the specificities of this site is that it is packed with lead magnets. First, you see a pop-up to join her email list. Next, she asks you to take her self-care quiz. And finally, she asks you to buy her book. All this while barely needing to scroll. It doesn’t feel pushy either, each call to action is unique and potentially helpful to the visitor. This variety in content helps make more sales.

What we like about this coach website:

  • Consistent and clear branding
  • Each component loads quickly and smoothly on web and mobile
  • Uses bright pink to break up text and highlight main points

How this website could be improved:

  • The favicon uses the default WordPress icon. It’s a small detail, but it’s always a nice touch to personalize it.
  • The color of the buttons could stand out more, using a bright color instead of the text color.

Preston Smiles

preston smiles


Preston Smiles offers several coaching programs for self-development. This could be focused on developing your power, your passions, or your presence. The goal is to grow beyond what you are today.

His website design does a great job at carrying on this message. Looking at his home page, you feel as though the website itself will set you free. Preston does an excellent job of filling his website with boundlessness. He first presents a picture of a horizon, accompanied by an intriguing call-to-action: “Learn how to become the limitless version of yourself”. He overlays a headshot of himself on top, but instead of looking at you, he’s looking beyond.

As you scroll down, you will see that Preston builds his brand. He balances the right amount of text, animations, and imagery to construct an engaging site, without being overbearing. He makes an effort to build trust with potential clients by introducing both himself and his mission. He further validates this with plenty of testimonials from satisfied clients.

What we like about this coaching website:

  • Great life coach web design
  • Presents his credentials in several ways
  • Saves the specifics such as programs and podcasts for the end

How this website could be improved:

  • The Facebook testimonials add credibility but show up a bit small on mobile. They will be hard to read for most users, using a larger font would be nice.

Marie Forleo

marie forleo coaches website


Marie Forleo defines herself as an entrepreneur, writer, philanthropist, and optimist. She’s dedicated to helping her clients become the person they most want to be.

I don’t think I’ve seen such a stunning entrance on any life coach website. Marie Forleo literally walks onto the scene with a video of her entrance overlaid on the page. That’s an interesting way to use video in the header to captivate your visitors.

Marie’s website sets high expectations and continually surpasses them with the right design and tone for every moment. The website is also packed with information, such as a blog and a podcast. Having a blog as part of your coaching website is indeed a good way to illustrate your style and coaching techniques. It can help move your visitors along your sales process.

What we like about this life coach website:

  • Very clean and professional life coaching website design
  • Plenty of testimonials
  • Impactful videos

How this website could be improved:

  • Choosing the video format makes the site a bit heavy to scroll and navigate

Stance Coaching

stance coaching


Stance Coaching is one of the life coach websites that does all the important things right. Eddie uses a nice, low-pressure call-to-action at the top. Then, he does a great job of qualifying the visitors using specific copy. Indeed, his goal is to attract people who suffer from burnout. Then, the home page finishes with another call-to-action.

The design is functional and not flashy. There is a nice balance of cartoons, pictures, and text. Some might argue that the page is a little text-heavy, but the copy does a good job of explaining Eddie’s coaching services.

What we like about this website:

  • Great in-depth client stories
  • Features a helpful blog
  • Nice branding

How this coaching website could be improved:

  • On mobile the colors of the header text and header image are not contrasted enough, making the text a bit hard to read.
  • The header font is a bit large on mobile, and the section titles take more than 1 screen. It could be better to decrease them.

ReConnected Life



ReConnected Life helps women affected by trauma to move past their past.

As a life coaching website that deals with a sensitive subject, ReConnected Life does a masterful job of enticing visitors with grace. When you read the copy, you get the sense that the content is extremely genuine, and comes from a place of extreme care.

The overall feel of the website is warm. The typeface does a great job of communicating the gravity of the subject. Finally, they did well to include a call to action in the navigation bar, and to keep it pinned at the top.

What we like about this life coaching website:

  • Slightly unorthodox approach, but sensitive to the subject
  • Presents credentials subtly

How this website could be improved:

  • The call to action button in the navigation bar could be made more prominent by using a color different than the background one.
  • The cookie policy takes 50% of the screen on mobile, leaving little space for content. Something less intrusive might be better.
  • There is a surprising “Hide this site” button on all pages that take back to Google. The benefit of having this button is unclear and it might be confusing for visitors.

Kara Gaisie

kara gaisie website for coaches


Kara Gaisie is a life coach, but she’s also a life coach’s life coach. After building her 6-figure life coaching business, she decided to shift to training others to follow in her footsteps.

As she’s targeting high-end customers, her branding is built around elegance, which translates well into the design of her site. Her entire website indeed embeds an air of prestige, from the gold and white color scheme to the elegant typeface. Her copy also follows an eye-catching rhythm, with sentences posted line by line.

One final point to note, Kara does a really good job of promoting her Instagram at the end of her page. It blends in well with the prestigious aura she gives to her brand.

What we like about this life coaching website:

  • Very elegant typeface and design
  • Simple, concise website
  • Sells herself well

How this website could be improved:

  • The first call-to-action button is not visible when you open the page, it could be worth moving it slightly upwards so that it is visible immediately.
  • You could say that the call-to-action buttons do not stand out as much as they could. This could be something to experiment with.

Michael Serwa

michael serwa


Michael Serwa positions himself firmly in his site copy as a life coach for high and super achievers. By stating immediately that his fees start at £10,000+, he focuses on high-paying clients as well.

His site design and copy fit perfectly with the style he wants to project. The design is simple but very well done. The black and white color scheme fits perfectly with this. More than 40 testimonials are included on the site to show the value Michael can deliver and justify his price point.

The website also projects authenticity while being very direct and to the point, very much in the coaching style he describes. It would not surprise me if Michael wrote the copy himself. Either way, the copy on this website takes center stage. Written in a clean typeface, you get the impression that he’s speaking with you frankly while still building a strong case for his services.

What we like about this coach site:

  • Unique, to the point
  • Exudes prestige, yet unpretentious
  • The testimonials are like mini-case studies
  • Among the best life coach websites

How this website could be improved:

  • Not every visitor is ready to buy on the first visit. Offering a lead magnet, such as a newsletter signup or free content could be interesting.

Sensophy Life-Coaching



Jacob from Sensophy is helping his clients find their purpose and create their dream life.

While this is a life coaching website, Sensophy places a lot of emphasis on careers. Jacob, the site owner, validates his experience by listing the professions of the people who feature in his testimonials. To build trust with his visitors, he also displays the company logos of several of his clients.

Sometimes, the websites that splatter their owner’s faces on the front page are a little jarring. Not to mention, everyone’s seen a coaching website that focuses its brand on a single person. Not doing this makes Sensophy unique, though the page is still concise and well-designed.

What we like about this coaching website:

  • The separation between the two main offerings (coaching & breathwork)
  • Low pressure
  • Minimalist navigation bar

How this website could be improved:

  • On mobile, the navigation bar title hides the menu. It’s always good to double-check to avoid that kind of small glitch that might cost you visitors.

John Patrick Morgan

jp morgan jr coach website design


Compared to some other life coach websites, JP Morgan follows a rather simple formula. He quickly sparks a desire in the visitor, following it up with an intriguing question: “What would you love to create today?”. This makes for the perfect lead magnet; he doesn’t pressure them into a sale. He merely asks them to join his email list.

If you have any questions about what JP offers, you can easily find the answers by navigating through the site. JP proves that you don’t need paragraphs of lavish copy paired with an intricate design to attract clients.

What we like about this website:

  • It’s concise and to the point
  • Simple and clean design, without being boring
  • Takes the time to build the case for his services, but doesn’t clutter the home page

How this website could be improved:

  • The only call to action on the home page is signing up for the newsletter. It might be interesting to add a secondary call-to-action for the coaching programs

Carole Ann Rice

real coaching co


Carole Ann Rice is one of the UK’s leading life coaches.

The call-to-action buttons are well structured on this site. She makes the introductory call the focal point of her website, with buttons to book a call both in the navigation bar and in the main content. She also adds a second lead magnet with a pop-up offering you to join her email list.

Carole’s website offers many coaching programs and organizes them in her navigation bar. This makes them easy to grasp, even if 3 levels of navigation on mobile is probably a bit much. As far as unique points go, I also liked her animated logo, it’s a nice touch to solidify her brand.

What we like about this website:

  • Nice gold and black color scheme
  • Well-shot photographs
  • Plenty of helpful free features

How this website could be improved:

  • Having a popup displayed on page load is quite intrusive, especially on mobile where it takes the full screen.
  • The cookie bar also takes up half the screen on mobile; it could be good to make it more compact.
  • No call to action are available above the fold. It’s always good to quickly tell your visitors what they should do next.

Amber Haider

amber haider life coach websites


Amber coaching starts with a simple lesson: start saying yes to yourself, and no to things that stand in your way.

An important part of her branding is her “Ballroom Mindset”. As a ballroom dance teacher, she builds her program and messaging and this dancing analogy. Drawing from your past experiences to weave a convincing narrative is indeed a great idea.

In contrast to life coaching websites that attempt to exemplify status, Amber takes a more relaxed approach. Furthermore, the color theme for her uses a striking pink and green that works well with her own style.

What we like about this website:

  • Captures visitors’ feelings at the beginning
  • Lots of detailed, well-written testimonials

How this website could be improved:

  • The call to action buttons are all styled similarly, but lead to different objectives: newsletter signup, go to a sales page or book a consult. It could be nice to change the style depending on the objectives of the buttons.

Annie P Woods

annie p woods coach website


Annie’s website shows you that you don’t need a flashy website to attract your prospects. Rather, she centers her website around her “Brave” branding. This concept is woven into her copy and her images. While both are simple, they do an excellent job of communicating a message of personal freedom to her target audience. Your coaching website can be effective without being complicated.

The website is concise, you can’t get lost. Annie quickly justifies her background and experience. Then, she invites you to take action.

What we like about this website:

  • Low-pressure, easy to read through quickly
  • Extremely warm, personal copy
  • Approachability, she even includes her phone number

How this website could be improved:

  • Using “PMB blog” instead of “Blog” in the navigation gives some doubt about what to expect. For first-time visitors, the “PMB” branding will indeed not be familiar (it stands for “Practice Makes Braver”). Keeping things simple and standard is often a best practice.

Craig White

craig white life coaching website


As a high-performance coach, Craig White uses insights from his background in coaching athletes to build his website.

First, he uses sporting analogies throughout the website’s copy. Another interesting aspect of his copy is his “Common Mentality” section where he lists common problems that his clients face. This allows to easily identifying to one or more of these.

There are some other aspects of this site you could emulate. For instance, if you host events, be sure to spread the word on your website. I also liked the way he presented his blog articles, with a selection directly on the home page styled as tiles.

What we like about this website:

  • Addresses his prospective clients’ unique circumstances
  • Plenty of opportunities to explore Craig’s content
  • Dark color scheme makes the website seem mysterious and enticing

How this coaching site could be improved:

  • Messaging and buttons are hidden when the page loads on mobile. It is always good to have some messaging there for when first-time visitors arrive on your page.
  • The call-to-action buttons do not stand out well on the home page.

Natalie Bacon

natalie bacon


Natalie Bacon runs a life coaching website geared towards moms.

To qualify her audience, she uses the call-out “Hey Mama”. Furthermore, you can tell that she understands her target audience well. When you’re a busy mom looking for answers, you might not want to wait for a coaching session. Therefore, she introduces you to her forum for mothers first and offers visitors instant value before asking for a sale.

Finally, you’ll notice the images on her website are mostly sunny and light, which is quite suitable for a website related to parenthood.

What we like about this website:

  • Beautiful typography
  • Plenty of helpful free and paid content
  • Consistent branding

How this website could be improved:

  • I found it a bit disruptive to have a pop-up show immediately, within having a chance to even see the copy of the home page
  • The buttons could stand out more, their color tends to blend with the pictures and copy.

Cortney McDermott

cortney mc dermott


Cortney McDermott is a life coach who uses meditation as one of her self-improvement techniques.

As a TEDx speaker and having been featured in multiple publications, she uses this to her advantage and displays them close to the top of her home page. She also uses video at several locations on her site, knowing that visitors often prefer watching a video to reading text. This type of format also works great if you want to show off your motivational and public speaking skills. Afterward, she presents her free offerings first to attract as many leads as possible.

Concerning aesthetic choices, I thought that the typeface was quite stylish and personal. Although, it is very close to being illegible in some parts. Always make sure that you don’t sacrifice legibility for style.

What we like about this website:

  • Clean, organized toolbar
  • Plenty of trust signals (like a picture of a former American president)
  • Nice photos to complement her blog posts

How this coaching site could be improved:

  • Clicking on the site is protected by Javascript. This can be very frustrating for visitors who needs this feature and it does not protect the content anyway.
  • The contact email does not use the same domain as the website. This can be confusing and reduce trust in the site.
  • Using the background image for the navigation bar also makes it hard to read when the colors do not contrast well, such as on the “Praise” page.

Maggie Edwards

maggie edwards life coach web design


Maggie’s life coaching practice focuses on getting clarity to help you reach your potential and goals.

With this website, simplicity is the name of the game. It embeds an air of professionalism with well-shot photos and effective copy. The navigation bar sticks to the top and includes an easy option to contact her.

Whether on mobile or desktop, this site loads quickly and is very responsive. This is an excellent way to retain visitors to your website. Users will be able to get where they want quickly due to the fast load times and minimal navigation options.

What we like about this website:

  • Simple yet clean
  • Nice fade-in animations
  • Not overwhelmed with options.

How this website could be improved:

  • The call-to-action buttons have the same label but lead to different outcomes. Being more descriptive could be helpful.
  • The color of the buttons does not make them stand out well on the site.

Best Coaching Websites – Other Categories

In the following section, we review coaching sites from different niches, from executive to career coaching.

Kimberley Sherwood – Best Executive Coaching Website

kimberley sherwood online coaching websites


Kimberley Sherwood is a coach, consultant and facilitator focused on non-profit organizations. Her goal is to help them move forward with clarity and confidence.

There are two things I noticed when I first visited this website. First, the word “unstoppable” stands out. The red background color also makes a strong impression. Next, the website walks you through some of the common concerns that non-profits have. I especially liked the fade-in animations with some common problems in quotation marks.

The website covers a lot of ground without ever boring the visitors about a particular subject. Case studies also show the benefits of using the service by covering the problem and solution quite concisely.

What we like about this executive coaching website:

  • Tailored towards non-profit executives
  • Blog articles that solve clients’ problems
  • Minimalistic toolbar

How this coaching site could be improved:

  • A call-to-action could be added to the header

Samantha Siffring – Best Business Coaching Websites

samantha siffring


Samantha Siffring is a business coach targeting moms who want to build successful businesses.

It’s great when a coach can draw from their life experience to help motivate potential clients. To do so, she weaves pictures of her family together with bursts of energetic copy. She uses a sentence-by-sentence, line-by-line structure to keep her visitors reading and build up her services.

This website includes all the key features needed for a great coaching website. It is an excellent example to follow.

What we like about this business coaching website:

  • Subtle patterns in the background add visual diversity
  • Gives a memorable name to her services
  • Presents testimonials beautifully

Patrice Washington – Best Finance Coaching Website

patrice washington best finance coaching website


Patrice Washington is a finance coach and best-selling author who used to work with radio and television shows.

Her website tries to trigger a mindset shift in the visitor. For many, the idea of money management is not an enticing one. Therefore, Patrice makes visitors feel the underlying emotions that wealth brings. She also shares a number of success stories to convince her visitors to take the next step on her site. This could be either signing up for free content or contacting her.

The website is engaging and uses beautifully written copy. It is however a bit slow and some plugins do not always load perfectly, which is too bad for a website of that quality.

What we like about this finance coaching website:

  • The mobile page is fast
  • Images explain concepts
  • The loading page: “Chase Purpose Not Money” is a nice touch

How this website could be improved:

  • Call-to-action in the header section
  • Loading pages are always a risk. It’s something extra and visitors might bounce if the page is too slow to load. Focusing on getting your site fast is usually better.

Rachel Hamlin – Best Career Coaching Website

rachel hamlin best career coaching website


Rachel Hamlin is a career coach. She focuses on helping busy people to beat burnout while getting successful.

The website does an excellent job of framing Rachel’s services. Since she targets high-ranking employees who experience burnout, you can see that she tries to meet them halfway. Her pictures depict her in the middle of a city, wearing formal business attire. Meanwhile, her copy lets them know that she once experienced burnout like them. This allows her target audience to relate to her, and understand that she is in a great position to help them.

One nice touch here is her slogan at the beginning: “Building Better Mondays”. With only three simple words, she appeals to her audience’s foremost concerns and desires.

What we like about this career coaching website:

  • Extremely empathetic
  • Makes it easy to get in touch
  • Helpful blog posts

How this website could be improved:

  • A call-to-action higher on the page could be nice.

Caliber Strong – Best Fitness Coaching Website

caliber strong best fitness coaching website


Caliber positions himself a science-based fitness coach. He helps you build muscle and lose weight with measurable results every step of the way.

Fitness coaching requires clients to have discipline. But in exchange, the coach needs to justify their demands with an effective system. To communicate his authority, Caliber lays out his philosophy with powerful photographs and copy.

The catchword “it’s not you, it’s the science” does a great job to relieve pressure on potential clients who might feel insecure about their shortcomings.

What we like about this fitness coaching website:

  • Engaging visuals
  • Very visible call-to-action
  • Strong color scheme

How this website could be improved:

  • The navigation bar font color is not very visible on light backgrounds, like the “Membership” page.

Ken Blackman – Best Relationship Coaching Website

ken blackman best relationship coaching website


Ken Blackman is a relationship coach. He helps couples live happier and more connected lives.

Since relationships are a rather touchy subject, Ken makes sure he does more than most coaching sites to build trust. His copy goes into detail about common problems clients experience and the measures he takes to solve them. In his introduction, he positions himself both as approachable and as an expert.

Since he also wants to motivate potential clients, he presents several pictures of happy couples. Overall, he does a great job of building trust by showing the results of his services in photos.

What we like about this relationship coaching website:

  • Nice animations
  • Ample testimonials
  • Minimalist navigation bar

How this website could be improved:

  • No call-to-action at the beginning, it’s not obvious what to do next.
  • The buttons do not stand out well in the color theme, this could be improved.

Design Tips to Create the Best Coaching Website

After reviewing more than 20 of the best coaching websites, several design points stand out. You should definitely consider them for your own coaching website design.

Choose Your Call-To-Action

The buttons on your site that invite your visitors to go to the next step are called call-to-action. They are key to the success of your site, as they will guide your visitors to the goal you would like to achieve. There are several things to consider about them.

First, what is the primary goal of your home page? It is that your visitors book a discovery call with you? Or that they signup for your newsletter? You need to make it clear on your page.

Second, you should have only one primary and one secondary call-to-action. They should remain consistent throughout the page and use different styling. Using these principle when creating websites for coaches makes them more effective.

Bright Buttons Color

The color used for the call-to-action buttons is key. They need to stand out on the page and be very visible even at first glance.

Somebody looking at your site for just 1 second should be able to know where to click to go to the next step. Bright colors, such as orange, green, or blue usually work well. What is important is that it stands out in your color theme.

Offer Free Content

For online coaching websites, first-time visitors are often not ready to buy your services immediately. They are most likely shopping around, checking a few sites to see which coach might be the best fit for them.

What is interesting in that case is to build a “sales funnel” with those visitors. For this you can provide free content, also called lead magnets that they can download for free in exchange for their email. The objective is to have a way to contact them again later and build a relationship with them. This could ultimately lead to them becoming your clients.

Don’t forget these different points when you’re creating your life coach website design.


We went over quite a few different coach sites. Some key points stand out to build the best coaching websites.

First, make sure that your copy is well-written and directed toward your target audience. Second, make sure that you get your visitors to perform the action you want, whether it’s making a call or joining an email list. And finally, offer some free content if you can to build your email list and start marketing to them.

Wondering how to start your own site? A website builder is a great option, which requires no technical knowledge and can provide great results! After reading this article and reviewing these websites, you’re more than ready to get started building your own website.

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