In South Africa, delivery will be done by courier companies. But there are a lot of courier services out there! To get you started easily, here are some recommendations and tips on how to choose the best courier companies in South Africa to deliver your products.

The best courier companies in South Africa

The courier company you select will pick up the goods at the location you want (typically your warehouse, office, or home), and deliver it to your customer. In South Africa, here are the top courier services we recommend:

Those five offer great value for money, and good customer service.

Deliver locally and to rural areas at the best price in South Africa

In terms of delivering to local and rural areas, here are also a few tips:

  • To get the best price on local deliveries (city center), Fastway will usually be the cheapest. Their prices starts at R36 for local deliveries!
  • For bulk items, 1st freight is also a good alternative.
  • For rural deliveries, Fastway remains very cheap; another option to consider is Pargo.

Pargo offers 1500 collection points in South Africa (this could be a Caltex Gas Station, a Checkers, a Postnet…). This can be a good option for rural deliveries, where people are often happy to collect their parcel the next time they go to town rather than having to arrange for a delivery in person.

Finally, to get the best prices, always remember to negotiate the rates with your delivery partner regularly. To do that, you need to start building a history with them, and after some time contact them to discuss the rates and see if they can bring down your pricing. They will often be happy to offer special rates for you!

Do you need to offer free delivery

The short answer is yes. Customers indeed expect free delivery for orders over R500, and if you can offer this option, it it will drive up your sales.

However, to be able to offer free delivery, you need to understand your average cost of delivery, to see if you can feasibly offer this option. Indeed, if you make R50 on a R500 order, you cannot afford it, but if you make R250 you can definitely do so and this will help your sales.

You just need to crunch the numbers!

In conclusion

Those elements should allow you to select a courier company to start delivering your products to your clients. Over time, you should also be able to bring down the delivery prices by renegotiating with your delivery partner. It is also good to consider if you can offer a free delivery option, as it will most likely drive up your sales!

In the final article, we will now see how to make your first sale on your online store, and then how to scale up from there.

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