Looking for inspiration and design tips to create the best plumbing websites? Check these reviews and design guide to inspire you.

best plumbing website examples

If you run a plumbing business, having a great website is a must-have. It allows potential customers to easily check your services and contact you. Want to create a new plumber website? Or update an existing one? In this article, we review 20 of the best plumbing websites to inspire you for your own site. We also include tips on best practices and design to create the best plumber website for your business.

Fortunately, you don’t need to reinvent the wheel to create a great plumbing website. Following web design best practices will make sure that visitors find your site beautiful. That said, I know that as a plumber, you have specific needs. Want to get more details about the best design practices for your plumbing site? Check out our plumbing website design guide at the bottom of the article.

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The Best Plumbing Websites

Before reviewing all websites in details, here is our top 3 selection of the best plumbing websites design:

Mr. Rooter PlumbingBest Overall Easy to find contact details and great copy
Plumb LondonBest Design Very nice design and great navigation bar
Crucial PlumbingBest Contact Form Strategically placed contact form


These examples combine many great features for your inspiration, and you can also check our design guide to double check that you did not forget anything on your site.

Without further ado, here are the top 20 plumber websites that we reviewed for you.

Mr. Rooter Plumbing



It’s always great to land on a website that answers your questions, and Mr. Rooter’s website does a great job at that. Customers are usually concerned about cost. To answer that, Mr. Rooter placed two highly visible buttons on the first page, asking you if you want to request a job estimate. This is a great way to entice potential customers and allow them to contact him easily. The navigation bar at the top also references specific plumbing cases, from drain cleaning to leaking pipes. This allows customers to find the one that corresponds to their needs.

Since most website traffic comes from mobile devices, Mr. Rooter Plumbing ensures that its mobile website is responsive and loads quickly.

What we like about this website:

  • Red color scheme and branding stand out
  • Attractive copy
  • Clean and eye-catching plumber web design

Location: Tallahassee, Florida, United States

Atlas Plumbing NYC

atlas plumbing nyc plumbing website design


While the branding and design of this website are well done, it’s the copy that stands out on this page. Instead of opting for flashy animations, Atlas lets the copy do the work. All their details are also clearly displayed both in the header and in the footer of the site, which makes it easy to contact them.

One last touch I liked was the way the Atlas logo shrinks into the navigation bar. It stays nicely pinned at the top no matter which browser you use.

What we like about this plumbing website:

  • Every piece of copy is matched with an image
  • Provides useful information
  • Consistent navigation experience

Location: Fresh Meadows, NY, United States

GM Plumbing Corporation

gm plumbing corporation plumber web design


GM Plumbing serves both a home and a business clientele and does several things to add prestige to its website. Their images are well-shot and portray examples of their high-end plumbing solutions. Furthermore, they integrate the images into the website inside blue frames. This adds a nice professional touch.

When you navigate through the website, you also notice that they use an elegant typeface and clean copy. This contributes to positioning them as a higher-end service.

What we like about this plumber website:

  • Extremely professional branding and appearance
  • Simple menu to navigate the site

Location: Long Beach, California, USA

Plumb London

plumb london


The Plumb London website is very well designed. All the key information, such as the contact details and a call-to-action button appear on the screen both on mobile and on desktop. The design is balanced and appealing to the eye.

Another main reason why I included this page was due to its visual effects. For instance, the dropdowns from the navigation bar load immediately upon hovering with a small visual effect. Some might find this annoying, but it can also help keep visitors engaged. This idea is maintained throughout the website as each section pops up with its unique transition.

Aside from the animation, you’ll note that they include call-to-action buttons throughout the site. I also liked that they included diagrams to demonstrate exactly how Plumb London can solve a customer’s problem. The “Get A New Boiler” diagram on the home page illustrates this, for instance.

What we like about this plumbing website:

  • Extremely responsive
  • Features Trustpilot reviews/logo prominently
  • Well-placed images both in the background and forefront

Location: London, UK

Crucial Plumbing

crucial plumbing plumber website


Since they offer several different home services apart from plumbing, it’s important for Crucial Plumbing to keep focus. When you land on their website, they give you ample opportunity to book one of their plumbers. After that, they show you their full offerings using attractive images accompanied by brief but effective bits of copy.

Instead of isolating their testimonials in a designated section, Crucial displays their reviews through a snack bar notification in the bottom left corner. This certainly caught my attention.

The main downside was that I could not find easily which area they serve. It is always nice to see this directly on the home page or at least the about us page, so don’t forget to include it there.

What we like about this website:

  • Reviews help keep the website up to date
  • Provide several ways to reach them
  • Navigation bar answers all your questions and sticks to the top

Location: Sydney, Australia

North Star Plumbing

northstar plumbing


North Star’s landing page is very clean and fast loading. In addition, they intrigue the visitor with their original call to action button: “Schedule a Virtual Plumber”. Customers might wonder what a virtual plumber is, and click the button out of interest.

Afterward, you can see how the plumber website design alternates between testimonials and copy. This is a great way to establish trust and convince the visitors to take the next step and contact them.

What we like about this website:

  • Easy to parse through
  • Extremely simple toolbar, including call-to-action buttons
  • Animated elements load quickly

Location: Windsor, Ontario, Canada

Tristate Plumbing

tri plumbing


Tristate Plumbing provides another example of a clean landing page. In their case, their offerings is tailored toward landlords and building managers. To emphasize this, they list the types of businesses they serve so that visitors can relate to existing use cases. Furthermore, they establish credibility by showing the number of clients served and employees. This increases trust in their services.

At the end of the page, they present a few companies they’ve worked with.  However, the design uses animations where you need to hover above the picture to see the text. Unfortunately, this does not work well on mobile, where hovering above pictures is not a natural visitor’s behavior.

The sticky bar is also quite big on mobile. Some information could probably be hidden to free up space for the main content.

What we like about this plumber site:

  • Copy focused on their target market
  • Beautiful typography
  • Responsive website

Location: Bronx, New York, USA

Plomberie Chayer

plomberie chayer


Plomberie Chayery chose to add their contact form directly in the header section. This can be a great idea, as most visitors likely want to contact them. However, they add another two call-to-action buttons in the same section, which can make things a bit confusing. It is usually better to focus on one action to accomplish only.

If you serve a bilingual or multilingual market, this website is also an interesting example to study. You can indeed see how they stay consistent across both their English and French websites. In such a case, while you need to ensure that the design and branding are identical across versions, you might also need to adjust the copy a bit depending on the customer demography.

What we like about this plumbing site:

  • Contact form in the header section
  • Well-designed multilingual site
  • Easily request a quote

Location: Montréal, Canada

The Irish Plumber

the irish plumber website


The Irish Plumber is a great example of a simple, clean website that uses a unique color scheme to make its brand memorable. Their navigation toolbar is very clean and responsive. With their contact details at the top, they make it easy to reach out to them without forcing a sale. They offer a clear picture of what services they offer and build credibility with glowing testimonials. It’s a great example in our list of website for plumbers.

However, when you scroll down on mobile the logo remains sticky, the navigation bar is hidden. This behavior is less standard and might confuse some visitors.

What we like about this website:

  • Simple minimalist design
  • Plenty of trust signals
  • Not too pushy

Location: Ottawa, Ontario, Canada

Benjamin Franklin Plumbing

benjamin franklin plumbing websites


What’s one of the biggest concerns people have with plumbers? They never show up on time. Benjamin Franklin Plumbing quickly allays those concerns by making it the central focus of its messaging. Another trust indicator arises when you see an employee’s face off the bat. Prospective customers will feel like they know who they’re dealing with.

Another positive aspect of this plumber site is that it does more than simply try to push for an appointment. They also weave in helpful plumbing tips that anyone can use. This helps build rapport with more casual visitors.

What we like about this plumber site:

  • Funny wordplay
  • Trustworthy imagery
  • Convenient slide-out menu works for mobile and desktop

Location: different locations in the US

FD Plumbing & Heating

fdplumbing plumber site


FD Plumbing & Heating designed their home page so that visitors can call or book an appointment the moment they get to their website. Making your info easily accessible is indeed a great way to convert visitors. The navigation bar does not stay at the top of the page, but the call-to-action buttons do. It’s indeed a good idea to keep contact details visible at all times.

However, these buttons take quite a bit of space on the page, especially on mobile, so it might have been interesting to reduce their size slightly.

What we like about this website:

  • Well-written copy that answers customers’ concerns
  • Contact forms on the home page
  • Certifications and testimonials to increase trust

Location: London, UK

Superior Plumbing

superior plumbing site


I liked Superior Plumbing’s website because it’s unique among the pages we’ve reviewed. A lot of the visuals pop and while you can tell it’s a plumbing website, they don’t just go for the standard images of faucets and drains.

You can also tell that they prioritize honesty. They give it a lot of focus in the website content, as well as with their color theme where the yellow accents communicate innocence. Other trust signals include using customers’ full names in reviews and featuring pictures of employees. They also decided to display their charity involvement right on the home page. In conjunction with their focus on honesty, it is a great place to include it in their case.

What we like about this website:

  • Engaging visuals
  • Plenty of trust signals
  • Original plumbing website template

Location: Kennesaw, Georgia, United States

Location: Ottawa, Ontario, Canada

Out Of This World Plumbing

out of this world home services


Out of This World Plumbing establish their credibility by featuring their Google rating right on the landing page. Interestingly, they also offer to download a plumbing health checklist directly on the home page. The objective of this list is to collect visitors’ emails. This is not something I commonly saw on plumbing websites, and an interesting idea to build your email list and contact them later.

Like a lot of successful plumber websites, they also cover relevant homeowner topics to build their site’s SEO rankings.

What we like about this website:

  • Prioritize approachability
  • Several points to build trust
  • Lead magnet to collect emails

Location: Ottawa, Canada

Patrick E Chase Plumbing & Heating

patrick chase plumbing co


When I first discovered this website, my eyes immediately flitted to the visuals laid out in the background image. Interestingly, it looks like the Patrick Chase logo is coming out of one of the hoses. As you scroll through the website, each bit of copy fades in, which is interesting to provide some animation. Then, there’s a nice image gallery that helps customers get a visual sense of what this plumbing company does.

The choice was also done to do a single-page website. This has the advantage of making it easy for users to navigate, but there is also less information available for visitors to review.

What we like about this website:

  • Prompt animations
  • Information is easy to consume
  • Plenty of examples of their work

Location: Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, US

Milani Plumbing, Heating, and Air Conditioning



Here, we have an example of a plumber website that establishes trust immediately using a combination of pictures and reviews. Further down they provide even more credentials alongside brief but engaging copy. The navigation is clear and makes it easy for visitors to find what they need.

The main difference with other plumbing sites is the focus they give on getting Air Miles when using their service. This is displayed both in the main header slider, in a specific section on the home page, and the footer.

What we like about this plumber website:

  • Easily check their reviews and credentials
  • Attractive color scheme for websites for plumbers
  • A differentiator with Air Miles offered

Location: Vancouver, Canada

Johnny Rooter

johnny rooter ny


When customers hire a plumber, one of their foremost concerns is reliability. Johnny Rooter makes a lot of effort to appear as trustworthy and reliable as possible. To achieve this result, , they display images of families enjoying their services on their home page. Moreover, they also focus some of the website copy on this, for instance by mentioning that their team is clean and professional.

Customers in your area are also likely looking for plumbers with a good reputation. To address this need, this website is an interesting model to get inspiration from.

What we like about this plumbing site:

  • Contact them straight from the landing page
  • Solid graphics that convey trust
  • Interesting plumbing website

Location: Merrick, NY, US

Delk Plumbing

delk plumbing site


Some plumber sites overwhelm you with details. By contrast, Delk plumbing takes a more high-level approach. When you scroll through this website, you notice that they use a larger font size than usual. This is hardly lazy; you might reach your target demographic better by keeping it simple. They also include several trust factors directly on the home page, from customer reviews to awards. I thought the gold and blue color scheme with red accents gave the website a friendly yet high-end feel.

On the minus side, with the COVID-19 banner, logo, and reviews at the top, the navigation bar takes the entire screen on mobile. Having a call-to-action button visible when you open the site would also have been good.

What we like about this plumber site:

  • Recent reviews on their site
  • No overbearing dropdown tabs in the navigation bar
  • Large number of trust factors

Location: Summerville, SC, USA

The Pink Plumber

the pink plumber


What struck me originally with this website is how much it differed from the other plumber websites I reviewed. When most plumbing websites tend to use blue or green color themes, the pink and purple of this site stand out. Customers will also appreciate how communicative the website is. For instance, they provide you with a handy timeline that details exactly what you should expect when you set up an appointment

One downside to note is that the navigation bar is a bit cluttered. It seems they sacrifice simplicity so they can keep a lot of information at the forefront, but this can be a bit overwhelming for the visitors.

What we like about this website:

  • Unique color scheme that stands out
  • Slick dropdown contact form
  • Nice stylistic touches throughout

Location: Atlanta, United States

Bay Plumbing Co

bay plumbing co plumber websites


Bay Plumbing’s website stands out by placing the logo in red and the imagery in grayscale. This creates an interesting effect and makes the branding jump to the eye. The toolbar is to the point and includes the key contact details that most visitors are looking for. For a site as dynamic and visual as this one, it’s also impressive how quickly it loads. Finally, they prompt you to action with several “Get a quote” buttons throughout the page.

In some ways, an effective website mimics a sales letter. Bay Plumbing exemplifies this concept by demonstrating value throughout the home page.

What we like about this website:

  • Engaging visuals
  • Gets to the point
  • Displays ample contact info

Location: Miami, Florida, USA

Rise Up Plumbing Dubai

plumbing dubai


To end with something a bit different, let’s review a plumbing website in a more exotic location. This one is from Dubai. Compared to many of the websites we’ve reviewed, Rise Up Plumbing Dubai is remarkable due to its lively design. They mix cartoons and animations; gradients and colors; without ever seeming gaudy or overbearing.

This might be linked to their particular customer demographic. Indeed, don’t forget to always think about adjusting to the local preferences when you create a site.

What we like about this plumbing site:

  • Helpful Q&As
  • Caters to a niche market (English speakers in Dubai)
  • Original plumbing web design

Location: Dubai, UAE

Design Tips for the Best Plumbing Websites

In addition to the best plumbing websites reviewed above, there are common features that will make your plumber website design as useful and effective as possible for your business.

Easily Accessible Contact Details

As a local business, one of the key objectives of your website is to make it easy for visitors to contact you. For this, we recommend adding your phone number and email address directly in the navigation bar or in a separate bar above it. This bar should be sticky so that if a visitor scrolls through your site, becomes convinced, and decides to contact you, they can do that very easily. Most of the best plumbing websites design include this feature.

Call to Action Button in the Header Section

With the same idea of making it very easy to get contacted, we recommend making sure that your call-to-action button is visible on your home page as soon as visitors open it, without having to scroll down. This could be a “Contact us” or a “Get a quote” button for instance. The most important is that it appears on the home page without needing to scroll down, with a color that makes it very visible at first glance.

You might even consider adding a button in the navigation bar and/or making it sticky, but this is often more difficult to achieve nicely.

Strong Trust Factors

Another key element for local businesses is to include many trust factors such as reviews and testimonials on the home page. You can include reviews with pictures, Google reviews, awards, and similar.

For websites for plumbers, we recommend adding reviews near the top of the page, in the middle, and again at the bottom.

Contact Form on Home Page

As one of the main purposes of the site is to get visitors to contact you, it is also very important to have a “contact us” form or “get a quote” form prominently displayed on the home page. Visitors can then do the main action, i.e. contacting you, directly from your landing page.

Some websites even include the form directly in the header section of the home page, to make it very easy to find and use.

Mobile Phone Compatibility

Finally, with more than 80% of visitors coming from mobile, you need to ensure that your site works very well on phones. When doing your plumbing website design, test your home page to make sure that the navigation bar and buttons are displayed properly. It is key, as it is likely that most of your potential clients will use their phones to check your site and contact you!

When looking to start a website for plumbers, using a plumbing website template from a website builder can be a great strategy. Indeed, it will most likely already embed all the plumbing web design tips we just mentioned!

The Bottom Line

As you can see, there are many ways to create a great plumbing website. One of the best rules to follow is to keep things simple. Do you really need that many tabs for users to navigate to? The best plumber websites let visitors know what they offer and make it easy for them to book an appointment or get in touch.

Once you’re finished designing your website, you can check how to get your website to show at the top of Google. That way everyone will see it!

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