Wondering what to sell to make money in South Africa? This can indeed be a hard question to answer! To help you out, here is our list of best selling products in South Africa. Pick one of these and you can only go right!

best selling products south africa featured

What to sell in South Africa? That’s a great question. If you offer the right products, selling online can lead to great success. But finding high demand products involves time-consuming research. To help you bring your aspirations to fruition, we reviewed for you the top best selling products in South Africa.

Here are our top selling products in South Africa, reviewed below:

  1. Laptops
  2. Phones and Phone Accessories
  3. Tablets
  4. Smart Watches
  5. Shoes
  6. Jewelry
  7. Headphones
  8. Handbags
  9. Ladies Wigs
  10. Shapewear
  11. Baby clothes and baby essentials
  12. Men’s grooming products

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Best Selling Products in South Africa – How To Find Product Ideas

So how did we build this list of best selling products in South Africa, and how can you find more ideas on your side? Well, it’s easy, but does require some work! First, check out our article about how to find ideas for the best products to sell online. This will give you a great methodology to find trending products in South Africa.

After this step, we checked search volumes using the Google Keyword Planner and Keywords Everywhere to find the high demand products. And here is the result below!

Let’s get started with our list of top selling products in South Africa.


Search volume per month in South Africa: 49,500

With the highest monthly search volume out of our top picks, laptops come in first on our list of best selling products in South Africa. Many day-to-day activities rely heavily on them, and they are a must-have in many households. Their variety of uses, spanning from personal, business, to gaming applications, makes them an everyday item.

The price of popular laptops typically ranges between R6,000 and R12,000. This makes them high priced item, which offers the advantage of bringing in higher revenues with fewer sales.

On the marketing side, laptops sell themselves fairly naturally. Indeed, they don’t need extensive marketing beyond outlining specific functionality and reputation. They earn a top place on our most selling products in South Africa list.

top selling products south africa list

Phones and Phone Accessories

Search volume per month (South Africa):

  • 27,000 for phones
  • 2,400 for phone covers
  • 3,600 for phone cases
  • 2,400 for power banks

Even more than laptops, phones are now an integral part of our lives. Many of us cannot imagine living without them anymore.

The market for first time acquisition is already significant. But from a sales perspective, a broken, damaged or missing phone is also likely to be replaced as soon as possible. This creates a high demand for phones year-round. The monthly search volumes in South Africa, outlined above, speak for themselves.

Mobile phones growing importance in our lives also led to the development of a phone accessories niche. These accessories include phone covers, phone cases, or add-ons such as power banks. Consumers purchasing a phone are often also looking for something extra to go with it. This creates cross-selling opportunities for a large range of phone accessories.

If you don’t feel like selling phones themselves, phone accessories alone is actually a large enough niche that you can focus on it alone. As they tend to be cheaper than phones, you will need less capital to get started. They can be a great niche to sell products from home in South Africa.


Search volume per month (South Africa):

  • 22,200 for tablets
  • 12,100 for “Samsung tablets”
  • 5,100 for “tablet specials”

Tablets are another opportunity for high demand products in South Africa. They cover a wide range of use cases, and are now popular both in personal and professional settings. Aside from personal use, tablets are indeed becoming used more and more in the graphics and design industries.

Tablets represent a growing market to take advantage of. They are more versatile and portable than laptops, while also having a larger screen than mobile phones. They are highly practical devices, which have now found their place in our homes and offices.

Selling in the tablet products niche also gives plenty of opportunities to expand your product lines. You could sell cases, keyboards, chargers, stylus pens, and other accessories to increase average order volume.

Smart Watches

Search volume per month (South Africa): 39,000

Smart watches are another products category that has found its places in our daily life. The market has matured over the last few years, with a wide range of popular options.

Smart watches have become neat extensions of the most popular apps and widgets from phones. People like the ease with which they operate, and the many apps you can use with them. While initially high-end with products like the Apple Watch, options have now expanded. Products are available for a large range of budgets.

With a global market size of USD 20.9 billion in 2019, and a projected USD 96.31 billion worth by 2027, now is a great time to enter the market. Their little weight and high value also make them great products to sell online. They have a strong potential to become best selling online products.


Search volume per month (South Africa): 27,100

shoes most selling products south africa

Also high on our list of top selling online products in South Africa is shoes. Everyone needs shoes. Everyone has shoes. Many people also view them as fashion statements and take great pride in having the latest sneakers or designer heels. This makes shoes a great option for high demand products to sell.

The market is very large and caters to literally everyone. It goes from basic everyday shoes for school or around the house, to more expensive shoes intended for the office or formal events. With such a larger market, it can even be interesting to niche down on specific categories, like dress shoes or fashion shoes. It is always possible to expand to other niches later when your customer base is established.


Search volume per month (South Africa): 15,000

A timeless classic and every girl’s best friend. In many ways, you can’t go very wrong with selling jewelry. It is ideal for gifts and special occasions. An anniversary, graduations, Valentine’s Day, Christmas, the list goes on.

Jewelry is a broad category. It includes products for both men and women, ranging from gold and silver to platinum and diamond. Some also see jewelry as a collectible, or as a fashion accessory. This means repeat orders are likely.

There are also on average 5000 monthly searches for jewelry boxes in South Africa. This demonstrates the possibility to expand into adjacent markets. This makes jewelry’s a definite best selling product in South Africa.


Search volume per month (South Africa): 14,800

Headphones are another technology item on our list of products in demand in South Africa.

Besides their historical use in travel and transportation, they are now more and more essential as work from home continues to grow in popularity. Headphones allow multiple people to listen to their own music, call, or video without disrupting others. Noise-cancelling, high-res quality, or more basic models, the range of options is quite large.

In 2019 the global earphones and headphones market was worth USD 25 billion and is expected to keep growing more than 20% per year. The price range also allows for larger ticket sales, which is always interesting. Like other small but high value products on the list, they are a great option for wholesale products to sell from home in South Africa


Search volume per month (South Africa): 12,100

Also related to the fashion industry, handbags are another best selling product in South Africa. Indeed, most people will own at least one bag, which requires upgrade or replacement over time. And a lot of customers also change and upgrade their bags based on the seasons and trends. This leads to repeat orders and makes them very interesting products to sell online.

Because of the large amount of choice within this market, it is also possible to focus on specific niches that sell fast in South Africa. For instance, you can consider choosing high-end designer handbags. Niches like eco-friendly and vegan are also gaining popularity.  The increased sustainability awareness is feeding the growth of this market.

Ladies Wigs

Search volume per month (South Africa):

  • 8,100 for ladies wigs
  • 1,600 for lace wigs
  • 1,600 for human hair wigs

Ladies wigs are another high demand product in South Africa. Whether it is lace wigs or human hair wigs, this is a hot industry to consider for selling products online.

The audience base is broad. Some women may feel they need wigs, classing them as an essential everyday item. Others simply want wigs to give them more choice in switching up their look. This means there is potential for more high-end products too. As always, variety in options and uses make for a great opportunity for niching down on specific products.

As highly visual products, Instagram or Pinterest will be natural marketing channels for wigs. You can create your own pages to promote your products, or even try paid advertisement to expand your reach.


Search volume per month (South Africa): 4,600

Shapewear is a progressive product category that helps empower women’s body image. It is another trending product category and is gaining traction.

The industry is expected to grow at a rate of 8% per year. It is now hitting its highest sales ever across the globe and is definitely in the top products in demand in South Africa. Advertisement from celebrities such as Kim Kardashian and her SKIMS collection indeed benefit the whole niche. It has even outperformed other lingerie niche markets recently.

Baby Clothes and Baby Essentials

Search volume per month (South Africa): 12,100

baby clothes what to sell in south africa

Another ever-popular niche is baby clothes and essentials. Busy parents are always on the lookout to find ways to save time, and selling this type of product online fills that need. With kids growing fast, you are very likely to attract repeat orders if your clients are satisfied with your products and service.

There is also room for a wide range of sub-niches, with some parents preferring high-quality items, and others focusing on affordability. Baby essentials, such as toys, feeding, or sleeping-related items, are also interesting to offer. Partnering with high-quality brands in that niche can be a really good bet.

Other high demand products in South Africa include bulky but more expensive equipment, from strollers to baby carriers. These are also great opportunities to include in your product line.

Men’s Grooming Products

Search volume per month (South Africa): 8,000

Finally, other trending products to sell in South Africa are men’s grooming products. This covers products for the skin, the hairs, or the beard for instance. The category includes consumables like beard oils or moisturizers, as well as equipment like razors.

There’s a whole host of products in this category for today’s stylish gents. This can be a great category to explore.

The Bottom line

Still wondering what can I sell to make money in South Africa? As you saw, best-selling products in South Africa tend to fall into two categories: technology-related, and fashion-related. These reach the broadest customer bases with their diverse uses and options, are trending products, and are usually quite necessary.

You can also use these characteristics to find other high demand products ideas if the one above does not resonate with you.

Do you know what to sell in South Africa? Now is time to start your online store!

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