Want to build your therapist website? Get inspired with these 20 examples of the best therapist websites. And don’t forget to check out the therapist sites design guide. It will to help you make the right choices when you create your own site!

best therapy websites examples

As a therapist, creating a high-quality website is essential to attracting clients. You want to show your visitors why they should work with you and allow them to contact you easily. But it’s easy to make mistakes when you’re not familiar with web design. To help point you in the right direction, I’ve reviewed 20 of the best therapist websites to inspire you. I’ve also added a design guide to help you make the right choice when you create your own therapist site.

To summarize in a few words, the main thing you should keep in mind when creating your site is to answer the key questions your visitors have about you:

  • Why should they choose you?
  • Can they trust you?
  • How can they contact you?

You’ll find more about this in the design guide, but for now let’s start with the reviews of the top therapist websites!

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The Best Therapist Websites

Before reviewing each therapist site in detail, here is our selection of the best therapist websites across a range of criteria.

Best Overall Thrive Works Therapy
Best Call-To-Action Just Mind
Best Mobile Site Millennial Life Counseling

Now, let’s see the detailed reviews of each site, including the best features and tips on how they could be improved. Read below about these therapist website examples and find out which ones are the best websites for therapists!

Thrive Works Therapy

thrive works


The Thrive Works website represents a large group of therapists. They offer both counseling and psychiatry services throughout the United States.

On the design side, the call-to-action buttons are clearly visible. The contact details are also easily accessible directly in the navigation bar. This makes it easy to contact them, which is a great point.

The home page does a great job of describing the benefits to use their practice specifically. It also includes testimonials to build trust with the visitors. The website color scheme is very pleasant with the blue and yellow scheme.

To allow their visitors to easily find the service they are looking for, the website first makes you choose between psychiatry and counseling services. Then, they also allow you to filter based on which state you live in, so that you can easily find a practice close to you. With hundreds of counselors in their network, this allows potential clients to easily find what they need.

Overall Thrive Works’ website does all the right things and ranks among the best therapist websites we’ve seen.

What we like about this therapist website:

  • A combination of animations and images.
  • They update their blog frequently, which contributes to SEO.

How this website could be improved:

  • The call-to-action button in the navigation bar could use the yellow color instead of blue to stand out even more.
  • A search button would come in handy.

Location: nationwide in the US

Just Mind

just mind therapist website design


Just Mind is a mental health clinic in Austin. They provide comprehensive psychological care to adults, couples, teenagers, and children.

Copy is this website’s strong suit. The header section displays a series of images of happy customers. Each image is associated with a motivational tagline, such as “Connect more deeply with others” or “Discover the happiness you deserve”. This allows connecting with visitors right at the top of the home page.

The aesthetics of the site is also well done. They use a nice black, white, and green color scheme throughout the site that projects elegance and calmness.

What we like about this website:

  • A search button allows you to easily find the content you want.
  • Ratings and credentials are easy to find.
  • One of the best websites for therapists we could review.

How this therapist website could be improved:

  • The top of the navigation bar could include their contact details instead of a link to their blog and social media. This is what visitors would typically expect there.

Location: Austin, Texas, United States

Millennial Life Counseling

millennial life counseling


Millennial Life Counseling helps millennial singles and couples navigate their relationships.

Throughout this website, you can tell that they put great effort into infusing everything with authenticity. They follow their initial booking and contact buttons with a picture of their staff, to increase trust.

The website also includes a lot of content, such as a blog and a podcast. Several freebies are also available. These allow collecting emails and building a relationship with their audience.

Their target audience will be mostly visiting the site from their phone. Therefore, they made the website work perfectly well on mobile, and optimized it for small displays. This is well done; all animations and sections work nicely on mobile.

What we like about this website:

  • Great mobile website – One of the best therapy websites for mobile we could see.
  • Nice design elements throughout the site.
  • Offer a lot of content, including a blog and a podcast.

How this therapist website could be improved:

  • After the initial “Book online now”, the other call-to-actions on the page offer too many choices, which makes them a bit confusing.
  • The home page is engaging but lacks visual structure for the sections. A different background for each section could be used, for instance.

Location: Dallas, Texas, US

Austin Counseling Balance

austin counseling balance therapist website


Run by Casey Lepper, Austin Counseling Balance (ACB) serves individuals and couples in the Austin area.

ACB put together a great website. They present beautiful, well-shot images. Their copy is well-written and displayed using an elegant typeface.

You can find call-to-action buttons both in the navigation bar and the header section. They also detail their services directly on the home page, with more details on dedicated pages if visitors want to know more.

They also present their awards and credentials, which increases trust with their visitors. They have a blog, which is quite helpful for your SEO, and their website also works well on mobile.

What we like about this therapy website:

  • Consistent branding with their logo and navigation bar.
  • Easily sort through their services.
  • The FAQ section.

How this therapy website could be improved:

  • The phone number could be made more prominent.
  • Using a professional email instead of a Gmail address for the contact details would be better.

Location: Austin, Texas

Theraphe Men’s Counseling



Theraphe is a men’s counseling practice. They assist their clients to become better fathers, husbands, and men.

When visiting this site, your eyes were immediately drawn to the headline “Counseling for men who don’t want counseling”. What better way to reach your target audience than that? The color theme in black, grey, and green also fits the type of audience targeted by the copy.

The navigation bar is minimalist, with just the core elements. It is great as this focus will also resonate with their target audience. A call to action is also included in the navigation bar, to make it easy to contact them.

What we like about this therapist website:

  • They show off their past media appearances.
  • A clear motto, repeated throughout the site.
  • Well-written copy.

How this website could be improved:

  • The font size is a bit small.
  • The call-to-action color is not very visible.
  • The call-to-action button is hidden on mobile. It could be nice to keep it visible there.

Location: The Woodlands, Texas, USA

Virginia Gilbert

virginia gilbert mft


Based in L.A., Virginia Gilbert is a relationship therapist who specializes in high-conflict divorce, intimate partner betrayal, and love addiction.

Her positioning is made clear directly from the header section, which is great. She also includes her phone number in the navigation bar so that visitors can reach her easily.

On her site, Virginia also promotes a book she authored. This is a great idea to generate more leads for her business. Instead of a paid item, you could even offer a free guide or e-book. However, a paid book qualifies leads even more, as you know that buyers are willing to part with money to solve their problems.

What we like about this therapist website:

  • Attractive images.
  • Makes it easy for clients to contact her.

How this website could be improved:

  • The navigation bar is very neat, but it could be made sticky so that contact details remain available at all times.
  • She uses a Gmail address in her contact details. It’s better to use an email address from your own custom domain.
  • The header section does not include a call-to-action button. She could add one here to make it even easier to contact her.

Location: Los Angeles, California, USA

Mary Diorio Psychotherapy

mary diorio lcsw counselor websites


Mary Diorio is a psychotherapist who helps her clients solve a wide range of problems. This includes relationships issues, eating disorders as well as anxiety or depression problems.

Her home page combines words with imagery very effectively. The use of light on the landing page also stands out.

Further down the page, she invites her visitors to “learn more” about each aspect of her therapy. Each of these pages details the approach she’s taking to help you, and the different solutions and packages she offers. The site is well organized and it is easy to find the content you wish.

What we like about this website:

  • Well-placed imagery.
  • Highlights relatable reasons to seek therapy.
  • Brief but informative.
  • Among the best psychologist websites we reviewed.

How this website could be improved:

  • The New York and Portland specific pages are mostly duplicates. This is usually something to avoid.
  • No call-to-action button in the header.

Location: Portland & New York, United States

Individual and Relationship Therapy Center

individual relationship center therapy web design


The Individual Relationship Center offers services for couples, individuals, and families.

The page starts by targeting couples in relationships. Then, the main content introduces offers for couples counseling, individual therapy, and family therapy. The header and footer sections provide key contact information and make it easy to find the location of the center.

A nice touch I liked was in the “Meet Our Team” section. There, they introduce each therapist with their credentials and specialization. But what made it special is that they show pictures of themselves as kids when you hover over each headshot. I felt this was a great way to establish trust without saying too much or taking up space.

What we like about this website:

  • Good intro page.
  • Feature select blog posts on the home page.
  • The search function is handy.

How this website could be improved:

  • The home page is quite heavy with pictures. This is especially true for the therapy center section where one or two would probably have been enough.
  • The testimonials section is hardly readable due to the lack of contrast between the text and image. It’s a shame as this is a very important to increase trust with visitors.

Location: Denver, Colorado, US

State of mind KC

state of mind kc


State of mind KC is a therapy service that targets women.

This website design is beautiful, thanks especially to calming pastel hues used for the color theme. Furthermore, she also uses a beautiful typeface throughout the site. This creates a nice balanced therapist website design.

On her home page, Greta invites potential clients to read more on several occasions. This avoids overloading the page with information. But the page still includes all the key information such as details about her and testimonials.

If you look at the navigation bar, you will see a section that says “Investment”. This is where Greta discusses her therapy rates. I very much liked this idea of positioning her services as an investment in yourself rather than a cost. It tells a lot about the way she approaches things, which is interesting.

What we like about this website:

  • The slideshow testimonial animation.
  • The clean navigation bar.
  • Positioning her services as an investment.

How this website could be improved:

  • We miss a call to action in the header section to book or contact her.

Location: Blue Springs, MO, USA

Shifting Tides Therapeutic Solutions

shifting tides therapy


Shifting Tides Therapeutic Solutions addresses the needs of millennial women. It is run by the therapist Kailee Place.

Kailee’s copy on the home page is excellent. She tells the story of her ideal client, describing the profile she has and her struggles. It is very well done to attract the specific clients she is targeting with her services.

While the site doesn’t use a formal navigation bar, I think the way she organized her website was quite adequate. Instead of the usual bar, she uses a convenient menu-like navigation in the top right corner of the site, which works quite well.

What we like about this website:

  • Great copy.
  • The light pink and blue color scheme is very nice.

How this website could be improved:

  • The cookie bar takes up half the screen on mobile. This could be reduced to something less intrusive.
  • There is no key information displayed on the first screen on mobile, and on desktop it looks truncated. Seeing immediately key information without having to scroll would be nice.
  • No call-to-action button beside a contact form and button at the bottom of the home page. Adding more call-to-action buttons could increase conversions.

Location: Charleston, South Carolina, USA

Holly Cerny Counseling

hcerny counseling websites for therapists


Holly Cerny offers counseling services to adults looking to make a big change in their lives.

One thing I noticed while navigating this site is that Holly explains in details what therapy will look like when working with her. She debugs common myths and at the time emphasizes her style. This helps visitors decide if they would like to work with her.

What we like about this counselling site:

  • Excellent copy.
  • Simple web design, not cluttered.
  • Several calls to action prompt visitors to get in touch.

How this counselor website could be improved:

  • As there are only two items in the navigation bar, a dropdown does not look necessary
  • The cursive font is hard to read in some sections.
  • The graphic vertical separation with text going across is a bit hard to read. Wrapping the text inside the first column might be better.

Location: Individual Therapy in Portsmouth, NH. She’s also available for online therapy sessions.

Cassandra Sharp

all about that breath therapist site


Cassandra Sharp works with women to help them overcome their anxiety.

From the beginning, you can tell that this website is designed to be calm and soothing. The calm water animation at the beginning is the perfect opening for this.

As you go through the website, what stands out in particular is her blog. The elements she creates to display each blog post are neat and well-designed. I highly recommend using a blog to grow your website traffic using SEO. It will also help your customers get to know you better.

What we like about this therapy website:

  • Nice opening water animation.
  • The transitions between pages are smooth.
  • Nice copy.

How this therapist site could be improved:

  • The font color on the home page is a bit too light. This makes it difficult to read.
  • No call to action at the top of the home page.

Location: Chillicothe, Ohio, USA

Works Counseling Center

works counseling center


Works Counseling Center is a team of licensed clinicians working in the Nashville area.

When you arrive on this website, the first thing you notice is a panel of images that shows the different categories of therapy offered. It allows you to easily find the situation you’re relating to, and navigate to the services that suit you.

Beyond this, there are more services and specialties you can learn about. On their “Services” page, you can click on each option and get more details through engaging content. At the end of each page, they add a button to easily book an appointment.

What we like about this therapist site:

  • Each page includes a contact button.
  • Nice pictures and website design.

How this website could be improved:

  • The navigation bar does not include the organization details on mobile and makes the social media profiles quite prominent. Removing these and adding a logo instead could make sense for a therapist’s website.
  • The header section animation does not work well on mobile. Indeed, you cannot see that the different areas are clickable.

Location: Nashville, TN, United States

Erina White – Psychotherapist

erinawhite counselling website


Erina White takes a goal-oriented approach to counseling. She helps families, adults, and couples figure out what is blocking them from establishing healthy, loving, and happy relationships.

Erina’s website shows how she helps her clients fulfill their goals. Right away, you can tell she’s oriented toward problem-solving. COVID even spurred her to solve mental health problems for parents with a new project, called “You Have a Village”. Showcasing it is a great way to demonstrate her motivation and dynamism.

What we like about this counselor website:

  • The portal for paying clients to access her services.
  • She features other websites she’s written on to boost her credentials.

How this counseling website could be improved:

  • Attaching the navigation bar at the top is good, but it is quite big and rather unorthodox in its placement.
  • Some of the copy might be a bit too technical and detailed.

Location: Newburyport, Massachusetts, US

Southern California Counseling Center

sccc los angeles


The Southern California Counseling Center (SCCC) offers affordable mental health care for those in need. This non-profit counseling center is run by volunteers and has multiple locations across southern California.

The SCCC website addresses three different demographics: people in need, volunteers, and potential donors. All these categories are addressed in the copy of the home page and covered directly in the navigation bar. The way they did it looks great. It is not always easy to balance different target audiences on the same site without being confusing.

The SCCC also did a great job putting the headline “Providing affordable mental healthcare for those in need” at the beginning. This makes their messaging very clear. In the header, they also display pictures that help engage visitors and showcase their services. This makes the site quite visual and engaging.

What we like about this website:

  • Nice, sensible pictures.
  • Short but dynamic opening page.

How this counseling site could be improved:

  • I would like to be able to search the site, ideally from the navigation bar.
  • The menu could be even better organized based on their target demographics.

Location: California, USA

Ascend Counseling

ascend counseling best therapist websites


Run by an American couple, Ascend Counseling covers different areas of counseling. It includes for instance individual counseling, family counseling, as well as trauma or PTSD.

Ascend Counseling combines a great name with a great brand. Their website does a good job with the copywriting to reinforce this. For example, the tagline “Arrive, Adapt, Ascend” is followed by enticing copy. It acknowledges their visitors’ struggles and positions their practice to assist them to get better. I also liked how they describe each therapy type in a few lines. This helps guide visitors in their exploration of their services.

A special note about the appointment booking form on the site. The form design works well and makes the whole process a breeze. It is split into several steps, which makes it not intimidating, and easy to fill up. Asking for the information details at the end is also a clever touch. Most people will have made some commitment by selecting the therapist and session slot and are less likely to drop out at this stage.  You’re sure to lose fewer customers if you emulate this style, nobody likes tricky forms.

What we like about this counselling website:

  • Nice color palette
  • The website looks great on mobile
  • Great booking form

How this counseling website could be improved:

  • The call-to-action buttons are not clearly visible
  • The header section is not focused on the visitors’ needs
  • The header section does not include a call to action

Location: Nashville, USA

Nashville Therapy Group

nashville therapy group psychologist


Nashville Therapy Group (NTG) provides high-quality, modern mental and relational health care in the Nashville area.

The NTG website starts with a quick introduction about their services and displays a group photo of their team. As you continue down, they mention all their services in a descriptive yet sensible way, and they don’t overwhelm their visitors with content. Then, they allow you to see more details about each therapist if you would like.

They include a call-to-action button right in the navigation bar, which is great. You can also find it lower on the page.

What we like about this therapist website:

  • Loads quickly.
  • Neat parallax scrolling effects between images and text.
  • Contact button in the navigation bar.

How this therapy website could be improved:

  • Their opening isn’t very engaging and could be more visual.
  • The label of the button “Connect with us” is not standard. Using “Contact us” could be more intuitive.

Location: Nashville, USA

Miriam Mogilevsky

miriam mogilevsky psychotherapy


Miriam Mogilevsky is a psychotherapist, writer, and cancer survivor. Her particular clinical interests include adult ADHD and autism, complex trauma, mood disorders, and borderline personality disorder.

Her website is very simple, yet eye-catching. Miriam makes an impact in black and white. First, she gives a brief overview of her life. Then, she presents herself in an honest way that demonstrates how she empathizes with her clients.

A common tactic for the “About Me” section is for the therapist to differentiate themselves from the others. Here, Miriam’s copy truly lets her lived experience shine through, so as to connect with her visitors. She gives a lot of details about her personal life and experience to give her readers opportunities to relate and decide if they would like to work with her.

What we like about this psychologist website:

  • Simple and clean design for this psychologist site.
  • Concise and to the point.
  • Offers useful resources.

How this website could be improved to make it one of the best psychologist websites:

  • The picture on the home page is placed too low on desktop.
  • The menu does not appear on mobile.
  • The services section is empty.

Location: Ohio, USA + online therapy sessions

Del Marillac Counseling Services

dm counseling services counseling websites


Specializing in trauma and cultural issues, Del Marillac Counseling Services is run by clinician Yunieska Krug.

This website is professional-looking, while still using a simple design. She simply uses a dark-toned text on a white background throughout the site. The home page briefly presents her services, which are detailed on a separate page. The rates page details all the fees and insurance-related information.

What we like about this counseling website:

  • Maintains consistent branding with a sunset image on each page.
  • Simple to navigate and understand.

How this counselling website could be improved:

  • The home page could be a little more enticing.
  • The call-to-action buttons do not lead to a direct contact, which could be interesting.

Location: Goffstown, NH

Bernadette Chavez Pinon Counseling

bernadette chavez pinon therapy websites


Bernadette Chavez Pinon offers counseling services in Texas.

This website’s design is quite unique. It includes minimal information on the home page, and the navigation is located at the bottom of the header picture. This can be confusing at first, especially on the desktop version of the site.

However, the mobile version of the site is very interesting. All the information is visible directly on the home page, and clearly visible. The colorful navigation is also pleasant to use, with a summary of each page directly available on the home page.

Bernadette also offers a free resource to help prospective clients practice mindfulness. This is a great way to get more leads for her practice.

What we like about this counseling website:

  • Nice selection of free resources.
  • Navigation bar stays at the top of your screen.

How this counselling website could be improved:

  • The pop up on the home page is quite disruptive
  • The menu at the bottom of the header image is a bit unintuitive. It is not the standard location where visitors expect to find it.
  • The mobile version of the site works quite well, but I found the site a bit confusing to navigate on a desktop.

Location: Texas, USA

Therapist Website Design Guide

Several features stand out on the best therapist sites we reviewed. To make it easy for you to use them on your own site, we’ve put together this list of therapist web design tips. They will help you include those core features, which we think should be part of your site to make it as successful as possible.

Be Easy to Contact

As a business offering services, you want to be very easy to contact. To do that, you should allow visitors to book appointments or ask questions quickly and easily. For this, we recommend adding your email, phone number, and a link to your contact form directly in or above your navigation bar.

Then, in most cases, your main call-to-action should also be about visitors contacting you. It could for instance be a “Contact us” button or a “Book an appointment” button.


Most of the practices include their rates and the insurance networks they work with directly on the website. This makes things very transparent and makes it easy for visitors to decide themselves if they can afford your services.

If you are afraid that you might lose leads due to this, you can also mention that your rates are negotiable for instance.

Find Your Niche

Choosing a therapist is a very personal undertaking. You need to be able to relate closely to the person helping you to be successful.

The best therapy sites we reviewed include detailed copy about the therapist’s background, specialties, and tastes. I found that this is the best way for therapists to communicate their genuine interest in their clients’ problems.

Free Resources

For larger therapist centers, high-end or specialized services, building an email list by offering free resources can also be interesting. This will allow you to send regular content and nurture your leads over time, turning them into clients when they’ll need your services.

These tips will help you with your therapy web design. Follow them to build one of the best websites for counselors!

The Bottom Line

We just reviewed quite a few therapist websites. If there’s one thing for you to remember, it’s to make sure that your visitors can easily contact you. Play up to your specialties both in your written copy and your design. You want to find the clients that need your services, so speak to them in their language.

If you want to get started with your own site, it’s easy to build a website and attract more leads with the right tool. We offer a website builder so you can construct professional-looking websites for a fraction of the cost of hiring a designer. Invest in your therapy practice today!

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