Portmoni vs. WordPress

Portmoni is the easy-to-use, everything is included alternative to WordPress.

Customers call WordPress “complicated”

Wordpress is Not Beginner-Friendly

Navigating through WordPress web design, development, and maintenance can be challenging, especially for people who do not have prior experience or knowledge about web development.

If you want to add more advanced features like an online store things can quickly get complicated, and you will need to have a fair level of web knowledge to achieve the results you want.

Many Plugins Required

If you want to add advanced features to WordPress, you will need plugins. But finding, installing, and maintaining plugins quickly gets very complicated to achieve the result you want

In addition, the plugins take up memory, and after adding several you may face slow speed and average performance for your site.

No Customer Support

While there are millions of WordPress sites around the world and many resources available on the web, WordPress does not come with any support. You will have to rely on finding answers by yourself, and understand which advice you should follow.

This can make things quite complicated, as there’s nobody to guide you in the right direction.

“Portmoni has an absolute value for money and simple to set up. The service and support is incredible!”


Director at Hempire Natural Health

Portmoni is easy and simple, includes all features, and great support

A simple, clean, easy interface

You’re an entrepreneur, marketer, or blogger, not a professional website designer. You don’t have time to search through a bunch of tools you don’t use or learn a programming language just to get the site you want.

Portmoni strips away all of the complexity. Everything you need is in plain sight (no menus within menus), and you can create professional-looking websites, fast.

Everything is included in your Portmoni site

No plugin needed

Portmoni is packed with all the features you need for your site. It includes everything from a blog module; to an online store module with integrations to online payments gateways to accept payments online right away; to SEO optimization. You don’t need to install any plugin, everything you need is right there for you.

Everything is included in your Portmoni site

Get help if you need

The platform is super easy and intuitive to use, but if you ever have any question or need help or guidance, we’re just 1 click away. You can reach us anytime by WhatsApp chat or email. We will answer your questions and guide you to help you build a successful website!

“I’m very happy with my Portmoni online shop, it’s so mobile friendly. And easy to use! Awesome website, thanks!”


Owner at Cher Nail Art Shop

Portmoni is easy-to-use, everything is included, and offers support

Easy and simple

Use Portmoni like a pro without watching long video tutorials, reading how-to posts, or being a website designer.


Everything included

Blog, online store, donations, different payment providers, unlimited products and services… Everything is included, no extra plugin to install and no extra fees.

Free support by WhatsApp and email

You can reach us anytime by WhatsApp chat or email. We will answer your questions and guide you to help you build a successful website!

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