Expat Micro Credit is a startup that offers innovative finance and insurance solutions for small businesses in South Africa. Tolerant, its founder, chose Portmoni to start his website for two main reasons: first, because he could test the website builder with a free trial before paying any money; and second, because he could design his website by himself. The results? His Portmoni site is now getting him more customers, and it increases the legitimacy of his business! Let’s hear his story.

Expat Micro Credit, an innovative financial provider in South Africa

Tolerant started Expat Micro Credit (EMC) because of his entrepreneurial mindset, and also because he had an expertise in micro finance. It seemed obvious for him to start a company in that sector, and at the same time it gave him the opportunity to help South Africans who do not have access to basic financial services.

He started EMC in July 2019 with the mission to promote financial inclusion of low income South Africans. To do that, Tolerant developed several innovative financial products for small business owners and low to middle-class individuals.

For instance, EMC offers micro invoice discounting, a service that enables small business owners to get advance payment on invoices that have not yet been paid by their end-customer. EMC also provides micro business insurance services to help small businesses safeguard their operation when the unexpected happens, like fire, bad weather, theft or other accidents.

Expat micro credit insurance

Micro insurance is one of the services offered by EMC

EMC creates its business website

After setting up EMC, Tolerant wanted to create a professional website for his business to raise awareness about his business among the 32 million internet users in South Africa. The main objectives for his site were to share information on his services and products, as well as engage with potential clients.

Portmoni offers a 14-day free trial to start your site without having to pay anything, and this was decisive in Tolerant’s choice to try the website builder. Thanks to this free trial, he could indeed experience the product before having to pay anything. Portmoni is an online business, and so being able to test the solution beforehand was very important for him. He could build his site without having to pay anything, and it convinced Tolerant that the product was great and that Portmoni was reliable and could be trusted.

With Portmoni, it was also easy for Tolerant to design his website all by himself, without having to hire somebody to do it for him. He was happy to be able to control the whole process, and, this way, he could also cut costs, as he did not have to hire a web developer to create the site for him. This was important, as he could not allocate a big budget to design his site.

“With our Portmoni website, EMC gained legitimacy and our customers can contact us easily”

Tolerant told us that his website has two key benefits:

  1. It increases the legitimacy of his business
  2. And it allows his prospective customers to contact him easily.

A number of potential clients indeed contact Tolerant directly using the contact form and the WhatsApp button included on his site. This has given him many direct leads for potential customers!

Tolerant promotes his site mostly on social media, and also uses Google Ads to drive traffic. The Portmoni platform creates direct links between the website and his social media accounts, and this makes it easy to share his site, and yields positive results.


How would Tolerant describe Portmoni? “A cost serving and user-friendly web development site”, he said. And his main recommendation if you are just getting started, is to “just take the trial version, and, obviously you will be moved by your experience”.

EMC has the vision of becoming a leader in poverty eradication through financial inclusion of the now low income groups in South Africa, and we wish Tolerant great successes in that ambitious goal!


About EMC

Mr Tolerant Elisha Mutaki is the Founder of Expat Micro Credit. A down-to-earth personality who is driven by his passion for African community development, he also holds of a B.Com Hons degree in banking and finance from the Great Zimbabwe University.

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