What to sell on Etsy? Check out this review of the best Etsy shop ideas to inspire your next business venture.

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People love buying on Etsy because of the wide range of products available. And sellers like that their shop is quick and convenient to manage. When you visit the platform, you’ll notice all sorts of great Etsy business ideas. But which are the best ones? In this article, we review 25 of the best Etsy shop ideas that you can start easily.

Here is the list of the best Etsy shop ideas:

  1. Posters
  2. Notebooks
  3. Stickers
  4. Organic Cosmetics
  5. Wedding Printables
  6. Jewelry
  7. Baby Clothes
  8. Baby Accessories
  9. Custom T-Shirts
  10. Plants
  11. Artwork
  12. Furniture
  13. Phone Cases
  14. Candles
  15. Craft Supplies
  16. Crochet Patterns
  17. Fabric
  18. Party Supplies
  19. Decorations
  20. Gift Tags and Wrapping
  21. Plushies
  22. Custom Bags
  23. Soap
  24. Fan Gear
  25. Slime

And now let’s review these ideas for Etsy shops in more details!

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The Best Etsy Shop Ideas

We reviewed for you 25 of the best Etsy shop ideas. Read through to find out the pros and cons of each of them. This guide will help you select the one that best resonates with you and decide what to sell on Etsy.


Posters are a great way to start selling on Etsy. They are one of the best-selling items on the platform.

You can design the poster’s yourself, use photographs, or hire a designer to create graphics for you. You can then print them through print-on-demand services, and sell them through Etsy. This way, you can keep your costs low while getting started quickly and easily.

Etsy business ideas in action: Posters by MEJ07


  • Easy to get started.
  • Can use print-on-demand services for production and delivery.


  • Competitive niche.
  • Need to find a way to differentiate from other shops.


notebooks etsy shop ideas

Selling notebooks is another great idea for an Etsy shop. One of the big advantages of this niche is that notebooks are products that people buy regularly. If clients like your notebooks, they will come back for more once their current one is finished.

To create notebooks, you will need to find a supplier that offers the quality of paper and cover you would like. You would then personalize the notebooks to reflect your brand. This can go from personalizing the cover to more involved customization inside the notebook. For instance, you could go as far as including hand-made drawings inside the notebook itself, to give it a very unique touch.

Etsy shop ideas in action: Notebooks by Andsotheymade


  • Good quality notebooks command high prices.
  • Easy to get started.


  • Can be hard to differentiate from the competition.
  • Must outsource production to a degree.


Stickers are a great item to sell online. Indeed, there is a lot of demand. People attach their favorite stickers to water bottles, laptops, and other surfaces. You see them all over the place.

To make your own stickers, you can check our detailed guide on how to make stickers to sell online. The main steps are to create a design, before printing stickers either yourself or through a specialized platform. You then just have to ship them to your clients.

Etsy small business ideas in action: Stickers by DowntownDigitalCo


  • Great product to sell online.
  • Find a theme or a niche and go with it.


  • Stickers are low price items.
  • You need to sell a high volume of stickers to make significant profits.

Organic Cosmetics

Organic cosmetics are all the rage. And they are not the exclusive domain of big-name skincare brands. Many small shops and homemade products take advantage of this trend.

From deodorant to makeup removers or lip gloss, there are all sorts of cosmetics you can make using 100% natural scents and oils. Most of these are not difficult to make yourself at home.

Etsy ideas in action: Organic Cosmetics by TheZeroWasteMaker


  • Still plenty of space in that market.
  • Both ethical and trendy niche.


  • Ingredients can be expensive.
  • For some products, you’ll need to get insurance.

Wedding Printables

When it comes to weddings, buyers spare no expense. Large orders are also quite common, which is a great advantage. Creating wedding printables is an excellent way to enter this market. A large variety of them is needed, from invitations to seating charts and thank you notes. And if people are satisfied with your products, this will attract lots of referral business!

To differentiate on the platform, your product photos and brand positioning will be the most important.

Etsy store ideas in action: Wedding Printables by UnmeasuredEvent


  • Easy to upsell and cross-sell products.
  • Large orders are quite common.


  • Have to spend time focusing on product pictures and positioning.
  • Not a niche with recurring orders.



There will always be a demand for jewelry. And wether you’re selling homemade or vintage jewelry, there will be a niche waiting for you. Selling jewelry is definitely among the best ideas for an Etsy shop.

But crafting jewelry requires specific skills. The biggest challenge for this Etsy product idea is the production process. Another option is to buy jewelry from other sources and then resell them for a profit.

Etsy shop idea in action: Jewelry by ArstandCraftsJewelry


  • Large market.
  • Easy to find a way to make your product unique.


  • Takes time and care to manufacture.
  • Requires specific skills.

Baby Clothes

When their little bundle of joy enters the world, most new parents are ready to splurge on cute outfits. Starting an Etsy shop selling baby clothes is a great way to answer that demand.

In the initial steps, you likely won’t produce the clothes yourself. You’ll need to find high-quality clothes that you can buy and personalize. Add nice pictures, logos, or slogans to reflect your brand and make them stand out.

Once your store picks up it’s also an option to get your own product line designed and manufactured. But then it’s also much more complex to manage!

Etsy shop idea in action: Baby Clothes by Iveandco


  • If you have children, you’ll know what buyers look for.
  • The market is eager to buy.


  • Competitive market.
  • Safety and quality are key in that niche.

Baby Accessories

In addition to clothes, another interesting Etsy product idea in the parenting niche is baby accessories. Indeed, there are a lot of baby essentials that parents need. They can even be gifted by friends and relatives.

Everything from soothers to stuffed animals is in demand. If you’re a skilled knitter for instance, there are boundless opportunities for you in this niche.

Etsy ideas in action: Baby Accessories by JustBornUK


  • Many product ideas fit under this niche.
  • Flexibility between DIY and reselling.


  • Competitive niche.
  • Safety and quality consideration.

Custom T-Shirts

Another option to start an easy Etsy shop is to sell custom t-shirts.

What you would typically do in that case is either come up with designs yourself or offer an initial design that your clients can personalize. In that case, each t-shirt will be unique. This means that you will need to use a print-on-demand platform to produce them.

Etsy shop idea in action: Custom T-shirts by FinoDesignsStore


  • Easy to get started.
  • Printing and shipping are typically handled by your print-on-demand supplier.


  • They don’t command a high premium.
  • Difficult to differentiate from the competition.


plants etsy business ideas

It might come as a surprise, but plenty of people buy and sell plants on Etsy. There is a large market there!

If you don’t have a green thumb, you can build relationships with local farmers and buy the plants. The key is to select plants that will withstand shipping, and package them so that they reach your customers in good shape.

Etsy shop idea in action: Plants by HelensGreenhouse


  • There are several plant niches out there.
  • Less competitive.


  • Shipping is time-sensitive.
  • Many prefer to acquire plants from local growers.


Not all Etsy shop ideas require artistic skills. But if you are an artist, selling your artwork on Etsy is something to consider. If people appreciate your artwork, you could do well on the platform.

Etsy ideas in action: Artwork by CrazywoodCreations


  • A great channel to sell your artistic production.
  • You could command high prices.


  • Hard to stand out in the art world.
  • Requires artistic skills.


Selling furniture is usually considered the domain of big brands. But plenty of small-scale furniture stores have made a home on Etsy.

If you want to start with this Etsy shop idea and sell furniture, you have a few choices. If you’re a carpenter, you can produce your own. Another option is to resell new furniture made by a manufacturer of your choice. And finally, you can also focus on the second-hand market. You can even focus on a sub-niche and sell antiques online.

Etsy shop idea in action: Furniture by NaanFurniture


  • Great if you like to get deeply involved with your business.
  • People are looking for high-quality pieces.


  • Shipping is costlier and longer.
  • The cost of materials can be volatile.

Phone Cases

Almost everyone has a phone, and almost everyone who has a phone also has a phone case. Moreover, people love to switch things up by putting their phones in a new case from time to time. All these factors contribute to making phone cases an easy Etsy shop ideas.

Creating designs and dropshipping the phone cases is quite easy. You could set up an online phone case shop within a few hours.

Etsy store ideas in action: Phone Cases by CaseSpaceDesign


  • People are constantly buying new phones, requiring new cases.
  • Small and compact product, making shipping easy.


  • High competition.
  • Low-profit margins.


The candle business is thriving. Shoppers love to populate their homes with a variety of candles. They come in all sorts of scents, shapes, and sizes.

But if you try to resell candles, you won’t make much of a profit. Besides, half the fun is in making your own. You’ll need to procure the right waxes, scents, and other materials to make this business a reality. Learn more in our guide on how to make candles.

Etsy shop idea in action: Candles by CELIYAHOME


  • You get to experiment with different scents and express your creative side.
  • It doesn’t take long to whip up a large batch of candles.


  • Competitive niche.
  • Better to produce the candles yourself.

Craft Supplies

People who shop on Etsy love to make arts and crafts. Even we were amazed when we saw just how many results popped up when you search for craft supplies. You can find everything from branding irons to seam circles.

To get started with this idea, you will need to select a specific niche and cater to it.

Etsy shop idea in action: Craft Supplies by CoraCreaCrafts


  • A huge number of different crafts to cater to.
  • Differentiate your product by developing a reputation for good quality.


  • Difficult to make good product photography.
  • Very specific requirements for certain supplies.

Crochet Patterns

If you’re wondering what’s trending on Etsy, crochet patterns are another popular item for sale on the platform.

If crocheting is among your favorite pastimes, then selling crochet patterns is a great opportunity. You could turn your passion into a source of profit. Even better, selling PDF crochet patterns does not require creating physical products.

Etsy store ideas in action: Crochet patterns by monpetitviolon


  • Easy to scale if you sell PDFs.
  • Great idea if it’s already your hobby.


  • Harder to scale if you do it manually.


Fabric is an example of a supply that all sorts of people on Etsy use. Both casual buyers and professional sellers.

The best part about selling fabrics is that it’s easy to find suppliers. You don’t need to be a textile manufacturer yourself. Instead, check out online and in-person stores to find fabrics to resell.

Etsy small business idea in action: Fabric by Cushttie


  • Only need to find a few designs to get started.
  • It can be enjoyable to shop for fabrics in person.


  • Large pieces can be complicated to ship.
  • Not a high-margin product.

Party Supplies

party supplies

It’s time to party! Party supplies are in high demand.

The main challenge with this Etsy shop idea is finding the right supplier. Indeed, creating these supplies yourself would most likely not be profitable, as they typically go for low prices.

The demand for these party supplies is seasonal. But in addition to traditional holidays, you’ll also have clients for birthdays, weddings, and other events.

Etsy business ideas in action: Party supplies by SOPARTYSUPPLIES


  • High-demand products.
  • Low margin.


  • Not easy to find high-quality suppliers.
  • Need good-quality photos.


Decorations is another product category that fits Etsy very well. Decorations can be personalized, handmade, customized, and use any type of material.

The niche is typically seasonal, but you don’t need to limit yourself to holidays. There is plenty of demand for home decorations and party supplies too.

Etsy store ideas in action: Decorations by PenthouseReady


  • Can target different categories and types of events.
  • Fit very well with the Etsy audience.


  • Seasonal niche.
  • Highly competitive.

Gift Tags and Wrapping

Another great idea in the events niche is selling gift tags and wrapping. You can pick a mix of general and seasonal themes to target as many people as possible.

You can buy and resell, but it’s also perfectly feasible to make these items yourself.

Another approach is to sell gift tag designs as PDFs instead making physical products and shipping them. In that case, the business is easier to scale. But it is also easier to copy by your competitors.

Etsy small business ideas in action: Gift tags by ThePersonalizedTagCo


  • You have lots of flexibility with what you offer.
  • You can charge more for handmade items.


  • Printing gift tags is time-consuming.
  • Can be hard to differentiate from the competition.


plushies etsy ideas

Ever so cute and cuddly, plushies are a childhood staple. Typically, these are the domain of knitters. You need to have a bit of skill to pull these off.

That said, if you’re already used to knitting items for your family, you could find a good niche here. Stuffed animals are the most common, but you can also try to give them your own spin.

Small business Etsy ideas in action: Plushies by PetitBonnet


  • A popular item for birthdays and holidays.
  • Mid-range prices.


  • Requires having knitting skills.
  • Time-consuming to reach volume, or you need to outsource.

Custom Bags

Ever been to an event where they gave you a goodie bag at the end? That’s a custom bag, and many order theirs from Etsy.

You can sell bags that feature your own designs. Or another option is to offer bags like a blank canvas, with the option for your customers to personalize them with their own messaging.

In both cases, you need to acquire high-quality bags, and then use a print-on-demand company or print yourself on the bags.

Etsy business ideas in action: Custom bags by JustinStoreCoArt


  • High-quality bags can be found for a reasonable price.
  • Sustainable items.


  • Usually requires outsourcing for bag printing.
  • Competitive niche.


Soap is another one of those products that allow you to express your creativity without being an expert artist. With soaps, the name of the game is finding the right scent. Just like with candles, you can have a lot of fun exploring different scents to mix. Look at some of the bestselling soap scents to find ideas that will attract customers.

Etsy small business ideas in action: Soap by tinshedsoaps


  • You can also focus on sub-niches, like vegan or zero-waste soaps.
  • Easy product to market online.


  • Can’t make online buyers experience your scents.
  • Need to make batches yourself to get an edge.

Fan Gear

Another Etsy business idea is to create products focused on fans. If you spent time on Etsy, you’ll notice that a lot of them are themed after football teams or movies. This can be a great way to tap into large audiences.

But when you get inspiration from existing work, always be very careful not to violate Etsy’s terms and conditions and follow fan art fair use rules. Some brands are very sensitive about this. Violating the rules could lead to your Etsy shop being closed or even intellectual property lawsuits. Always be extra careful with this.

Etsy business ideas in action: Fan gear by HarryStore


  • Versatile, you could make almost any product fan-themed.
  • Tap into huge fan bases.


  • Need to be careful not to violate fair use laws.


Slime has been a childhood staple for a long time and remains a very popular item.

The best part is that slime is fun to make. All it takes to create a slime ball are a few common ingredients found around the home or at local stores. Plus, there are infinite ways to customize your slime with different scents, designs, and textures.

You can also get creative with the packaging and make your product stand out!

Etsy business ideas in action: Slime by RockyMountainSlimes


  • Beginner-friendly.
  • High demand, evergreen product.


  • Market is quite saturated.
  • Require some experimentation to come up with great recipes.

The Bottom Line: Etsy Shop Ideas

Now it’s time to choose the Etsy business idea that will work for you. Focus on your strengths, and assess the market. You’ll quickly see which niche inspires you and would be best in your case!

Once you’ve picked your niche, it’s time to get to work. Start creating your products and/or place a first order with your supplier. Start your Etsy shop and launch marketing. You’ll soon make your first sales and bring income from your Etsy shop idea!

Best Etsy Shop Ideas – FAQ

Here are the most frequently asked questions when looking for Etsy shop ideas.

Why Sell on Etsy?

One of the main reasons to sell on Etsy is that it is very simple. The platform offers a seamless experience for sellers, with very little friction.

Then, another key point is that Etsy will give you access to a large and qualified audience. With 80 million buyers, Etsy is one of the leading online selling platforms worldwide. When you start your shop on Etsy, you will get immediate access to this audience.

In addition, the audience on Etsy is made of people looking for interesting designs, craft products, and original ideas. This makes the audience ideal to sell that type of product.

How to Start an Etsy Shop?

To start an Etsy shop, all you need to do is to take a picture of your product and add a description and price. Upload these on the platform, hit publish and you are in business!

Etsy offers its own payment processing option so that you can accept payments online. They even facilitate shipping by providing discounts on postage stamps.

What Can You Sell on Etsy?

Contrary to popular belief, Etsy isn’t exclusive to handmade goods. You can sell almost any product on the platform. You don’t even need to sell creative products. On Etsy, people sell everything from clothing to printables to baby accessories.

How Much Does It Cost to Use Etsy?

Etsy charges different fees to use the platform:

  • Listing fee: $0.20 per item
  • Transaction fee to use the platform: 6.5% of the final sales price
  • Payment processing fee: 3% + $0.25

Then there are optional fees for extra services:

  • Etsy Plus subscription fee (optional): $10 per month
  • Shipping fee if you use Etsy Shipping (optional): 5% of the shipping cost

The Etsy listing fee of $0.20 has to be renewed every 4 months. However, $0.20 remains very affordable. Even if you want to list 100 items, this will amount to $60 per year. But if you list items in multiple sizes or quantities, each entry costs $0.20, which can add up.

The main costs are the transaction and processing fees. The transaction fee is the fee to use the platform. The payment processing fee is charged if you use Etsy Payments. If you prefer, you can use another payment provider such as Square. In that case, there is no fee for Etsy Payments, but you will have to cove the Square fees instead.

How to Advertise on Etsy?

On Etsy, you can use Etsy Ads to promote your products internally on the platform.

Another option is to use Etsy Offsite Ads. With this option, Etsy advertises your products off their site, using a network of participating partners such as social networks and search engines.

You don’t have to pay for those ads if they do not bring results. But if somebody attracted by an offsite ad buys from you, Etsy charges an extra 15% fee on the items bought by this client.

If your margins allow for that extra 15% cost, this can be a great way to scale up your sales.

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