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Mobile Money Management

With Portmoni, you can easily track and process your customers’ payments. The integration with your mobile money operators allows to automatically process your payments and reconcile your transactions. Mobile money payments are tracked automatically. Cash payment, bank transfer or any other kind of payments can be added manually or through the Portmoni API.

Portmoni Mobile Money Dashboard

Billing Management

The billing management features enable you to easily manage your rental, subscriptions or pay-as-you-go contracts over a fixed period of time (typically 12 or 24 months), with or without down payments. It includes a database of customers and devices, which can be linked to external tools (e.g., Salesforce, Xero, Zapier) using the Portmoni API. Reporting tools to track down any payment issues or risky customers are also available.

Portmoni Subscription Billing

Device Management and Machine-to-Machine

The machine-to-machine part of Portmoni focuses on collecting data from your devices in the field. You will be able to visualize and explore your data in several different manners and leverage it for support and maintenance.

Portmoni devices dashboard

Messaging, SMS and API

The messaging component of Portmoni allows you to send and receive SMS messages to your customers and their devices, such as payment receipts, reminders, or devices control commands. You can also control your devices with a data integration through the Portmoni API.

Portmoni SMS

Portfolio Management and Reporting

With Portmoni’s reporting features, you can easily manage your loan portfolio and assess the credit scores of your customers. Cross-functional analysis is also available to provide insights into your sales, adoption rate and other relevant KPIs.

Portmoni Customers Dashboard

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