Do you love spending time cooking, and want to share the results of your passion with the world? If yes, here are 4 home cooking business ideas to increase your income while living your passion!

Whether you’re already in the food industry or just getting started, here are ideas on how to start a small cooking business from home.

Create and Sell Baked Goods – Home Cooking Business Idea #1

Baked Goods Home Made

People love baked goods. Muffin, donuts, biscuits, cookies, each treat has its place in our day. You can profit from this by baking and selling baked goods yourself, and start you own little – or big – home bakery. With pickup and delivery services, it’s also becoming increasingly easier to send your home production directly to your end customers. Or you can even partner with local stores to offer your production to their customers! Even better, you can specialize in high demand specialized baked goods like gluten or sugar free treats, to address a specific niche of the market and differentiate yourself.

Cooking Ideas #2 – Roadside Stand

Roadside Stand Barbecue

Another home based cooking business idea is to start a roadside stand. Whether you’re a barbecue lover and want to others to also enjoy your best barbecue grilling ideas, or you just want to share your preferred recipes, it a great opportunity to easily get started with making an income through home cooking. All you need is a stand and you can start sharing this with the world! Just have a look at your local regulation – the practicalities can differ depending on the area –  and get the required authorizations if needed.

Idea #3 – Personal Chef

Personal Chef

You love to cook and want to complement your income? What about offering your services as a personal chef? Busy families often don’t have the time or desire to cook at home, and might be looking for somebody to prepare meals for them or help them with recipes and tips. As a personal chef, you can cook at your client’s home, or deliver homemade meals to them. And you can use your website to promote your services and allow your visitors to see your services and expertise!

Home Kitchen Idea #4 – Cooking Instructor

Cooking Lessons

If you have cooking skills, why not share them by organizing cooking lessons? This is easily done from the comfort of your own home when you get started, and once your business grows you can rent a professionally equipped kitchen to welcome your students. To go even further, you could even decide to take this fully online! Record your lessons and then sell them as part of an online learning course or make advertising revenue by posting them on Youtube.

Another option is to position yourself as a coach for your cooking students. You can check out our list of the best coaching websites to get inspiration about how to built a site that attracts students.


Whatever the home cooking business you create, you can always use your website to promote your services and products online, and attract more customers. And it’s easy, just start your 14 days free trial of Portmoni, and get your site and store online in less than 5 minutes!