Sibusiso Shobede is the Founder of the Isibusiso Solwazi School of Theology. Using Portmoni’s easy-to-use platform, Sibusiso created his website to promote his school. This allowed him to build a reputation for excellence and reach users all around the world.

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Sibusiso Shobede had a calling in life. A calling to share knowledge as a teacher, and to promote the philosophy of his faith. That’s why he founded the Isibusiso Solwazi School of Theology. His goal was  to give people a space to study theology and train church ministers.

His school started out locally, and in 2020 he expanded it online. Thanks to his website, he opened his business to new students around the world. And he get lots of new visitors!

Let’s see how he did it:

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The Story of the Isibusiso Solwazi School of Theology

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Sibusiso Shobede is a teacher and works at Matamzana Dube High School in the Kwazulu Natal Province. But beyond teaching, Sibusiso always felt he had a calling as a bible teacher:

“In 2004, I started a bible study group for youth. Then it was grown and developed to the level of starting an official institution”.

This institution is the Isibusiso Solwazi School of Theology, which Sibusiso started 8 years ago. The school trains church ministers and “all men and women who want to study the philosophy of theology and philosophy of church ministry”. Anyone interested in learning is welcome at the Isibusiso Solwazi School of Theology.

Sibusiso was reaching and training a great group of people with his school, but he still wanted to reach more. That’s why he decided to build a website for the Isibusiso Solwazi School of Theology.

His main goal? “Get students to study, and partners to join my institution”. He also wanted to display all the information students needed to know. This would include accreditations, courses, programs as well as tuition fees.

His only challenge was finding the right website builder to create his site. That’s where Portmoni comes in.

Why Sibusiso Shobede chose Portmoni

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When Sibusiso first discovered Portmoni, he had a few concerns. “Is this real? Will my school be found on Google? How will Portmoni deduct monthly fees?

These are common concerns for anyone starting out a new website. But with Portmoni, Sibusiso was soon reassured.

First, the 14-day free trial offered by Portmoni allowed Sibusiso to create his site risk-free. He could see by himself that the platform was real and worked for him. Even during the trial, “there were so many people who visited my website”. He was already getting new visitors before paying a cent for his website hosting.

Then, once his site was referenced on Google Search, his traffic grew even more. And as Portmoni automatically submitted his site to Google, he had nothing to do to achieve this.

Finally, after he was convinced by his free trial, he found out that he could safely pay for his site hosting. As there is no long-term contract, he can also easily cancel his subscription anytime.

When asked why he chose Portmoni, Sibusiso said “it’s affordable and it’s user-friendly”. He saw the value of his website, solving both of the concerns he had going in.

And this value has only continued to grow in the years since.

How Portmoni helped the Isibusiso Solwazi School of Theology

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Sibusiso Sibusiso’s website has seen thousands of visitors since its launch.

Sibusiso uses different strategies to market the Sibusiso Solwazi School of Theology website. First, he creates great content for his students and other website visitors. Then, he also uses Facebook and other social media to direct more users to his site.

Portmoni helped Sibusiso expand his school to new students in different countries. His school now has a diverse range of customers from countries like Germany, Zambia, the Democratic Republic of the Congo, Tanzania, Nigeria, Ghana, and South Africa.

And its reputation is excellent. With great content, Sibusiso has built a reputation for excellence and reached users around the world.

What’s Next

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And Sibusiso is planning to build on that reputation. He wants to “make our site more interesting”, and to “add other courses”.

He understands the value his customers find on his website. Visitors appreciate the great content and courses. And he wants to give them even more of that.

He also understands the value Portmoni provides him in accomplishing his goals. The easy-to-use editor gives Sibusiso plenty of opportunities to expand his website. And the tools on the platform also allow him to expand the reach of the Isibusiso Solwazi School of Theology.

Bottom Line

Sibusiso has found success online for the Isibusiso Solwazi School of Theology. Thanks to Portmoni, he’s built a great reputation and reached new customers around the world.

What does he like the most? The “affordable price” and the “easy-to-use” interface. They give the freedom to “create the content for yourself according to your business”.

For Sibusiso, if you’re looking to build a website, the answer is simple: “they must choose Portmoni; it’s stress-free, and it does not need technology knowledge to use it”.

Want to build your own website? Like Sibusiso, try out Portmoni’s 14-day free trial and begin your journey to excellence today!


Want to start your own website?

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