In this interview, JB Nartey tells us everything about why he decided to create a website with Portmoni. And he also goes into detail about all the benefits it brought to his business.


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JB Nartey has built a lot of success on Portmoni. He uses the platform to attract visitors, promote his business, and create conversations in the industry. The steady increase of new visitors to his site helped him grow his business over the last few years.

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Let’s take a look at his story now, and see how his website helped him find success:

The Story of JB Nartey and his Business

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JB Nartey started his business in August 2013. This is when “Zaathi Engineers and Project Managers” was born.

But his experience ranges much wider. Indeed, he has worked in the industry for over 28 years for various organizations in 4 countries. And during that time, he’s also been a coach and mentor in civil engineering and project management, helping those starting in the industry.

When we asked him why he’s devoted so much time to this work, his answer was simple: “That is my passion and profession”. He’s pursued the work he loves, and his business has given him “an avenue to trade my skills to the world”.

Through it, he’s worked with all sorts of clients. Those include government departments, municipalities, private companies, and individuals.

Still, Nartey needed more for Zaathi Engineers and Project Managers. He needed a reliable space to market his business online and to display his experience and qualifications.

He needed a website.

The only problem was finding the right platform to build his website. That is, until he discovered Portmoni.

Why JB Nartey Chose Portmoni

JB Nartey discovered Portmoni through an advertisement online. What attracted him was the “value proposition of a quick website build-up and the flexibility to self-edit”.

He wanted speed and simplicity, two core values Portmoni provides with its services.

Nartey’s only real concerns were the “maintenance of the site and cybersecurity”. These are common questions for anyone starting a new website. But thanks to its free trial, Portmoni reassured him about this. With its regular updates and state-of-the-art security,  Portmoni offers a service users can depend on.

In the end, Nartey loved the Portmoni website builder and its flexibility. So he decided to move forward with his website on Portmoni.

How Portmoni Helped Zaathi Engineers and Project Managers

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And the results are clear. Before starting his website, Nartey’s business had been stagnant for some years.

But since launching, he’s had a “consistent increase in number of visitors”. And he also “has gotten a lot of people sending me messages via the website”.

His website is doing exactly what he needed it to do: marketing his business around the world.

He also uses Portmoni to post articles and upload documents online. Thanks to this, he contributes to the conversation in the civil engineering and project management industry.

He’s had over 27,000 visitors to his site since its launch. And he’s also found success with Google Ads and Facebook, drawing in more traffic to his site.

All in all, JB Nartey has built a lot of success using Portmoni. He uses the platform to attract visitors, create conversations in the industry, and promote his business. Things that can only lead to more future success for Zaathi Engineers and Project Managers.

What’s Next

Nartey’s business plans aren’t limited to marketing and promotion. He also wants to build a space for education in the industry.

When asked about future growth for his company, he told us he wants to use “the website to launch my online course videos”.

With his experience and the easy-to-use Portmoni platform, Nartey plans to give back to a community he’s helped develop for so long. He also wants to continue mentoring new people in the industry.

He sees the value his website brings to this journey, as Portmoni is “constantly learning and improving their systems”. Nartey knows he can rely on Portmoni to offer all the services he needs to reach users.

Bottom Line

Nartey describes Portmoni as “quick and flexible” and recommends “using the Portmoni website builder”.

Thanks to Portmoni, he’s taken Zaathi Engineers and Project Managers online. This allowed him to reach more people, promote his business, and build a space for people to learn.

That is what Portmoni is all about: providing fast and easy service, and giving users the tools to take the next steps in their dreams

If like JB you want to take the next step in your dream, try out Portmoni’s 14-day free trial now. Whether you’re growing your business or advertising a new product idea, Portmoni will help you get started!

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