Every writer knows the old saying “show, don’t tell.” And with Portmoni, Lynne Hendricks shows. She shows how to make a great website, market to the right clients, and build an online presence worth watching.

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Lynne Hendricks is in the Marketing and Media business. As a published author, she understands the value of a solid website to build authority and connections online.

And the way she sees it, “there is no need to reinvent the wheel and pay someone thousands of Rands to build your website”. She prefers to “use an established blueprint that’s easy to manipulate and control”. That’s why Lynne chose Portmoni as the platform to build her website, LHMediaHub.co.za

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Let’s see how Portmoni helped her achieve this result:

The Story of Lynne Hendricks’ Marketing and Media Business

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Lynne Hendricks launched her business on Facebook back in 2017, in the Marketing and Media industry. In her words, “I create content, profile, and market small businesses and the owners. I profile business owners within their business and provide support to small businesses with events, etc.”

Her main customers are small business owners, and people wanting to establish online portfolios and profiles. These business owners often include artists, who rely on their online presence to market their businesses.

As a creative person, Lynne enjoys “the challenges of writing and creating blogs, and other media and marketing tools for small businesses.”  This way, she can support the creative and economic journeys of her fellow small business owners.

But to do that effectively, she knew she needed a website of her own.

Why? Because she wanted to put forth the same professional example she expected from other businesses. She also wanted to make sure people searching online for the writing services she offered would be able to find her.

Before doing business with anyone, I research their online profile, including their website track record. If I want to view other business owners’ websites, I can only imagine that they do the same.

Lynne H.

The only question was which platform was right for her business.

Why Lynne Hendricks chose Portmoni

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Facebook helped Lynne Hendricks launch her business, and it also helped her discover the perfect platform for her to launch her website. There, she stumbled across Portmoni and “looked at its user-friendly backend building system”.

I stumbled across the ad on Facebook and looked at its user-friendly backend building system. It’s easy to navigate and has regular improvements and upgrades.

Lynne H.

Of course, she had concerns. She thought it could be a “fly-by-night” operation, a scam like so many other online offers. But she took a chance, because “the cost to host was and is still reasonable”. And today, she likes it so much that she even “recommends and helps other business set up their websites with Portmoni”!

With Portmoni, she found what she needed in a website platform:

  1. A reasonable price and
  2. A user-friendly interface for small business owners

She also appreciates that Portmoni has “regular improvements and upgrades”. And with Portmoni’s great service and user-friendly interface, her business has already seen a lot of benefits.

How Portmoni helped Lynne’s Business

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Lynne is using Portmoni as a portfolio for her work and also as a marketing tool to build up her client base. With her website, she can “showcase [her] work”. She can also “refer clients to view [her] website, and help market them […] as well”.

To promote her website, Lynne uses her Facebook and Instagram accounts. She also makes sure to include her website in her email signature, business card, and Whatsapp profile. This way, she can connect with all types of clients, regardless of their preferred form of communication.

She feels that “it’s visible and allows people to reach out and check it out if they are curious about my business”. Which is exactly what a good website should do.

She also appreciates that she can “easily track the number of visitors to my website.” And she’s had thousands of visitors since she launched her website in 2019!

In the end, Lynne’s website allows her to showcase different writing styles, from articles to business profiles to fun blogs. She also loves that she can include her business partners, showcasing them as well on her site.

Her business is about great writing and great partnerships. She’s already achieved both, and there’s only more to come in the future.

What’s Next

Lynne wants to continue building her website and partnerships. To do that, she plans to “expand the events and grow it with more vendors and more visitors.”

Every company needs growth, and with her website, Lynne has the foundation to seek out and build that growth. She wants to establish her “own niche in the marketplace.

Portmoni has already helped her on that journey, but there’s more it can do. For instance, she wants to use the platform to design event links to her page, where people can “view past events, follow for upcoming events, as well as book for future events.

What it all means for Lynne’s future is more growth for her Marketing and Media business, more features to build on Portmoni, and more opportunities online than ever before.

Bottom Line

When deciding to use Portmoni to build her website, Lynne Hendricks found a “user-friendly platform to establish her internet blueprint and authenticate her business”.

Her advice to others: “There is no need to reinvent the wheel and pay someone thousands of Rand to build your website. Use an established blueprint that’s easy to manipulate and control.”

So, if you want to build your own website quickly and easily, sign up with Portmoni now, and take advantage of our 14-day free trial to establish your internet profile!

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