In this interview, Melanie King tells us everything about how she used Portmoni to grow her business, Inuka Fragrances Luxury Products and Business Opportunity.

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When starting Inuka Fragrances four years ago, Melanie had two goals:

  1. Sell high-quality healthcare and beauty products and,
  2. Empower others with business opportunities.

She started her site using Portmoni, and this allowed her to accomplish these two goals!

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Portmoni is very user friendly to create a website which makes it suitable for people even that are not technically savvy.

Melanie K.

While doing this, she also built an online presence to create relationships with her clients, with the help from Portmoni and its professional level of fast and efficient service.

In this interview, we’ll see:

Let’s dive into it!

The Story of Melanie and Inuka Fragrances

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Melanie started her journey as an Inuka business owner and distributor four years ago. At first she was mostly focused on the financial opportunities of running a business. But that soon changed when she realized how much her clients loved the products she sold:

“I started developing a love for what I was doing when I realized how clients loved the products”.

That’s when the business changed from being just a means to an end to becoming something she loved.

Inuka Fragrances sells healthcare and beauty products, but Melanie doesn’t see them as two distinct categories. She believes “the two are directly related” and that “clients more often purchase from each service that I offer because of this factor”. For Melanie, health wellness and beauty go hand in hand.

For Inuka Fragrances to truly grow into the business Melanie always envisioned, she knew she wouldn’t only need great products and great relationships with her clients.

She would also need a strong online presence.

And that’s where Portmoni comes in.

Why Melanie Chose Portmoni for her Business

melanie king inuka founder story

Melanie saw a website as a must-have for her as a business owner:  

“People take an entrepreneur with a website serious and it instills a level of trust when they want to purchase”.

For the Inuka Fragrances brand to thrive and be legitimate, it needed that online presence. Her website would promote trust, and would also synchronize with other social media platforms, to help Melanie stay connected with her clients.

She wanted:

  1. a user friendly experience for her clients and,
  2. fast and friendly service from the website provider

Melanie tried out two different website providers, but they didn’t quite suit her needs.

But she finally found her dream solution with Portmoni.

Melanie’s main concern before purchasing from Portmoni was that she might “just be wasting [her] money”. But reading many positive testimonials about Portmoni “put [her] mind at ease”.  She knew she could put aside her concern and move forward.

Thanks to her Portmoni 14-days free trial, she tried the platform without any financial risk. And she saw that Portmoni was “very user friendly to create a website” and even “suitable for people that are not technically savvy”.

But what really made the decision easy for her was the help and support she received: “The after service is professional. If you have any issues they are never left unresolved”

The after service is professional. If you have any issues they are never left unresolved

Melanie K.

The Benefits and Results of using Portmoni for Melanie

So what are the benefits of using Portmoni for Melanie?

She started Inuka Fragrances knowing that her relationship with her clients was one of the most important parts of her business. She saw the way clients connected with both the healthcare products and the beauty products, and she understood that empowering her clients was key to Inuka Fragrances’ growth.

So, it’s not surprising that her favourite features on Portmoni are social. Her two most favorite ones? The Whatsapp Icon and the Subscriber List. For Melanie, these two features help “create and maintain relationships with my clients”.

The Whatsapp Icon provides a live chat feature, so that her clients can reach her quickly whenever they have a question.

And the Subscriber List allows her to email all her loyal followers about new products, hot deals, and the latest newsletters.

It’s clear that for Melanie King, her business isn’t just the products she sells. It’s also the relationships she builds with her clients online, through connections between her Portmoni website and social media.

And with more than 12,000 visits to her site over the past 2 years, Melanie experienced significant growth for her business.

What’s next?

Melanie’s business doesn’t just sell products. It also empowers others with a network marketing business opportunity. This helps bring Inuka Fragrances’ great products to more clients and help people build their own financial benefits from these products.

In the end, Melanie promotes healthcare and beauty products she believes in, ones that are “reasonably priced and have had excellent results for the people consuming them”.

And Inuka Fragrances’ online presence doesn’t end with her website. Melanie promotes her business with Google Ads, Facebook, Whatsapp, Instagram, Tik Tok, and Google Business. She’s doing the leg work of getting Inuka Fragrances’ healthcare and beauty products, and its business opportunities, in front of the eyes that need them most.


For Melanie King, Portmoni creates a user-friendly website building experience, one with “efficient and speedy after-service”, “awesome features”, and great “value for money”.

With it, she can offer her healthcare and beauty products online and create closer relationships with her clients through live chat services and social media.

And what advice does she have for those still on the fence? “Do not procrastinate. You will see a huge transformation in your business”.

So why not get started now? Try out Portmoni’s free 14-day trial and bring your business online like Melanie did!

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