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We help innovative companies harness the power of mobile money. With Portmoni, you can easily manage your customers, your billing and your mobile payments. Even better, you gain competitive advantages with real-time data analytics and portfolio management.


Make Your Job Easier

Portmoni automatically processes your mobile payment notifications and reconciles them for you.

Save Time

Billing and reconciliation processes are fully automated. That way, you save time and there is no risk of errors!


Increase Your Repayment Rates

Portmoni allows you to send automated reminders to your customers and to remotely switch off the systems of those who don’t pay in time.

How it works

Portmoni - How it works

What you get


  • Automated invoicing
  • Loan portfolio management
  • Credit scores
  • Overview dashboards
  • Csv/xls export of all data

Mobile Money

  • Automated payment notifications
  • Automated reconciliation of payments
  • Connection to your mobile money supplier
  • SMS, FTP or API connection


  • Connect your own hardware
  • Remote switch on / off (SMS/API)
  • Real-time monitoring
  • Data visualization
  • Automated analysis

What Portmoni looks like

Billing Management

Manage your rental, subscriptions or pay-as-you-go contracts, with a database of customers and devices. Link it to Salesforce, Xero, or Zapier using the Portmoni API and avoid double data entry.

Mobile Money Management

Easily track and process your customers’ payments. With the integration with your mobile money operators, automatically process your payments and reconcile your transactions.

Data Analysis and Communication

Collect, visualize and explore your data, and get actionable reports directly in your inbox. Send SMS messages to your customers, and control your devices through the Portmoni API.

Why did we build Portmoni

We believe that the combination of mobile money and machine-to-machine connected devices is unlocking incredible value, and enabling extremly innovative business models in developing countries.

But getting mobile money working is a pain. Especially when you need to integrate it with machine-to-machine devices for pay-as-you-go or remote control. You need to deal with the mobile money suppliers to get payment notifications. Deal with the hardware suppliers to get devices data. Setup the billing plans. Integrate all this together. And, at the end, you usually end up locked-in the hardware supplier platform. If you add a new product line or switch supplier, you have to restart all this from scratch.

The team behind Portmoni experienced this pain first-hand when implementing pay-as-you-go solutions for solar and water access in South-East Asia and Sub-Saharan Africa. After redeveloping mobile money software several times, we decided to create a solution that would help small companies access the incredible benefits of mobile money and M2M, while avoiding the pain of the process.

This is how Portmoni was born. Open, hardware agnostic, and a fair price: we designed the solution we would have liked to use when we started. And we hope you’ll like it.

With more than four years of experience with mobile money payments and ten years of experience in M2M technologies, we started Portmoni as a software technology company. We believe a mobile money revolution has begun. And we’re here to help you be part of it.

We integrate with

We chose to be world-class at what we do, and integrate with other world-class tools.




What they say about us

Benoit is a very knowledgeable mentor with a broad experience and skills and has been an invaluable asset to our team. His assertiveness and ability to articulate comprehensive solutions have been an excellent guide and support during SOLshare’s development process.

Juan Espana

Project Manager, SOLshare, Bangladesh

I have worked with Benoit with great enthusiasm. His great drive, professionalism, hardworking mentality, superior technical and sound business expertise all together combined, created full working new business opportunities (mobile money off-grid rental concept). Furthermore, his international scope allows to look across boundaries.

Huub Rulkens

Marketing Manager, Kamworks, Cambodia

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