Do you love spending time in the great outdoors? Do you enjoy nothing better than being in nature? If yes, here are 5 outdoor business ideas to make a living out of your passion!

Indeed, what if we told you that you can step out of that cubicle, regain your independence, and begin a career as an entrepreneur and create a business outdoors? At Portmoni, we encourage everybody to consider great outdoor small business ideas to start living the dream.

After all, whether you are a nature lover, enjoy outdoor adventures, or simply like to spend time outdoors appreciating your neighborhood, you can consider several ideas to create an outdoor business.

Outdoor Business Ideas 1: Hiking, Camping, and Outdoor Adventure Guide

Outdoor Business Ideas : Hiking Guide

Now that the Covid-19 pandemic is mostly behind us, more of us are scrambling to get outdoors. If you’re a nature lover, now may be the perfect time to combine your hobby with your vocation by offering your services as an experienced navigator to campers and hikers. You may choose to offer backpacking, day hikes, hiking and camping, or even skiing, kayaking, or canoeing adventures.

  • Who will be your clients? Your clients may include families, couples, and single adventurers with varying levels of experience.
  • What skills and mindset do you need for this outdoor adventure business? You need to have a good contact with people, be fit and very patient. Beware that you might spend very long times outside, sometime in bad weather conditions.

Outdoor Business 2: Dog Walking

Business Idea: Dog Walking

If you’re a dog lover, now could be a great time to begin a dog-walking business. You’ll get to spend time with your canine friends, spend time outdoors with some of the best company there is. You can be reassured in knowing that dogs always need to be walked, every single day!

  • Who will be your clients? People from every walk of life own dogs, so your clients may include families, single people, couples, elderly people, and people with disabilities.
  • What skills and mindset do you need for this business? You must have a sincere love of and a great deal of experience with dogs. It’s also important that you’re knowledgeable about dog health, medical needs, and temperaments.

Outdoor Idea 3: Gardening or Yard Cleanup

Outdoor Business: Gardening

People who truly love the great outdoors should consider creating a gardening or yard cleanup business. Your services will always be needed no matter the season and can include mowing lawns, gardening, landscaping, and snow and leaf removal. Your outdoor business’ largest expense may include weed whackers, leaf-blowers, snow-blowers, shovels and more. If you like big machines and can afford the budget, these jobs can be made for you as well! Big trucks, excavator, mowers, you know…

  • Who will be your clients? Most people require outdoor yard maintenance of some kind unless they live in condos or apartments. Again, your clients may include families without young children who could assist, single people, couples, elderly people, and people with disabilities.
  • What skills and mindset do you need for this business? In addition to loving the outdoors, you should enjoy meeting new people, genuinely care about helping them keep on top of outdoor tasks, and be physically fit enough to handle ongoing exertion.

4. House Painter

Outdoor Idea: House Painting

If you’re physically fit, another great outdoor business idea is starting a house painting business. Most homeowners require painting services, but many aren’t interested in doing the job themselves.

You’ll find that your startup costs are minimal, requiring painting supplies, sprayers, paint, drop cloths, scaffolding, ladders, and additional supplies.

  • Who will be your clients? Again, many people require outdoor house painting, but prefer to hire someone to do the job. In addition, your clients will not only include homeowners but probably business owners as well.
  • What skills and mindset do you need for this business? You should enjoy working outside and meeting new people as well as genuinely care about making the outside of their homes beautiful.

5. Recreational Vehicle Renter

Outdoor Business Ideas: RV Rental

If you love nothing more than taking a road trip in an RV and you’d like to share your passion with others, you may want to start an RV rental business. Offering such services is a great way to provide affordable options to folks interested in sleeping in an RV on the road but who don’t want to purchase one on their own.

Creating an RV rental business will have higher start-up costs than the other ideas mentioned here since you’ll need to buy one or more RVs. You’ll also require insurance, have advertising expenses, need to develop a website, and need to consider financing options.

  • Who will be your clients? They will include families, individuals, and couples who enjoy spending time outdoors, camping, and traveling, but prefer the comfort of a “traveling home” rather than a tent.
  • What skills and mindset do you need for this business? If you have a genuine love of RV travel, customer service experience, and mechanical knowledge, creating an RV rental business may be perfect for you.


Regardless of the outdoor business you create, everyone needs to start websites. We want to help make that easy for you. That’s why we’re inviting you to take the first step by clicking here to begin your free 14-day trial with Portmoni today.