When you want to use text messaging to sell more product or services, it is crucial to know which special offers actually get your customers to buy. Let’s get into the offers that really work.

The best type of special offers

Studies have shown that to generate more sales, the best SMS offers should actually be:

  1. pricing-based, and
  2. time sensitive

Let’s get into that, and see which pricing-based time sensitive offers we could send.

The “buy-one-get-one” offer

This type of offer is the one preferred by the customers: 68% of them said it is their favorite! An example? Here is of a buy-one-get-one SMS offer: “Free widget at Steve’s Store when you purchase one of equal or greater value!”. You get the idea?

Example of SMS Special Offers: the Buy-One-Get-One offer

The “% off” offer

The “% off” mobile offer is preferred by 22% of customers. For instance, such an offer could be “50% of your next widget purchase at Steve’s Store when you show this text”.

Example of SMS Special Offers: the Free with Purchase offer

The “free with purchase” offer

Finally, the “free with purchase” mobile offer is preferred by only 6% of customers. An example: “Free widget with every purchase of $50 or greater at Steve’s Store”.

Example of SMS Special Offers: the Percent Off offer

So, what should you use?

Based on the numbers above, we recommend sending a mix of “buy-one-get-one” offers and “% off” mobile offers to your customers. You would use a higher frequency of “buy-one-get-one” deals than “% off” deals, as they are more popular. For instance, you could send a “buy-one-get-one” offer every month, and a “% off” offer every 2 or 3 months to have variety.

Other types of SMS campaigns

Finally, besides the direct offers to increase sales, don’t forget that your SMS campaigns can also be used for other type of actions, like the following:

  • Do you provide credit to your customers? You can send them payment reminder by SMS automatically.
  • Want to shine with your top customers? Send them greetings SMS for the holidays or key celebrations, or to say hello from time to time. They will love it!
  • Want to inform your employees or agents of special events or motivate them? Send them a special SMS for this.

The next steps

With this overview of the different type of offers you could make and the knowledge of the ones that work best, you will be able to create great SMS marketing campaigns! By growing your subscribers list in addition to this, you will start increasing sales in no time.

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