Wondering how SMS marketing could be helpful for your business? Here are the five key reasons why SMS marketing can help increase your sales.

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SMS marketing is instantaneous

First, SMS marketing is instantaneous. 90% of text messages are opened within 3 minutes of being sent. This means that when you have a message that you want your customers to see, 90% of your recipients will see it immediately.

SMS has a very high open rate

In addition, SMS marketing has a 99% open rate. When you send an SMS to your customers, you are virtually guaranteed that they will open it!

SMS has very high engagement

SMS marketing also has very high engagement. SMS campaigns are permission based, and this leads to an extremely high level of engagement from the customers.

You can reach any customer with a simple phone

SMS marketing doesn’t require customers to be in front of a computer or a smartphone to engage with it. It also means that you can reach all of your customers no matter what age, demographic, or phone type they use!

You can see the detailed results

Finally, why makes SMS marketing great is that you can measure all the results. You can know which customers successfully received your SMS, how many clicked on your links, and which customers claimed your offers. This allows you to very quickly decide if this is worth it for your business!

Next steps

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