Did you know that you can very easily accept online payment from your site or online store in South Africa? In this guide we see how to accept payments by Visa and Mastercard using Yoco. Yoco is a payment gateway available in South Africa, that you can use to receive payments online. It is very quick and easy to setup.


  • This setup is based on the payment supplier Yoco, which is available in South Africa
  • To follow this guide, you will need to first have created your Yoco account.
  • Portmoni is not affiliated to Yoco nor receive any commission on the payments processed through Yoco.

We’re going to cover the following:

Let’s dive into it!

Activate Visa and Mastercard with Yoco on your website and online store

Here are the steps to follow:

1. In your site editor at https://builder.portmoni.com go to “Edit your site” > “Products and online store options”, and click on “Edit / add payment options”

Create a new payment method


2. Click on “Add payment option”

3. Select the option “Visa, Mastercard with Yoco”

Receive Payment Online Visa Mastercard using Yoco


4. Personalize the label and image if you wish

5. Log into your Yoco account at https://yoco.co.za

6. Click on “Sell Online”, then “Payment Gateway”

Select the Yoco Payment Gateway


7. Then, copy your “Live Public Key”, “Live Secret Key”, “Test Public Key”  and “Test Secret Key” to the relevant fields in your site editor

Select your Yoco API keys


8. Double check that that you have copied the keys in the matching fields (if you do not paste in the correct field, the integration will not work)

Check the Yoco API Keys in your website editor


9. Save the payment option

Save stripe payment option


10. You’re done!

Testing the integration

If you want to test the integration, you can check the box “Activate test / sandbox mode” in your Yoco payment method in your Portmoni site editor. When this box is ticked, the platform will automatically use your test key at checkout, which will allow you to can make test transaction using test card numbers in your site editor. You can find a list of the test card numbers made available by Yoco at https://developer.yoco.com/online/resources/testing-info/

At the time of writing, the test numbers are:

  • Test card for a successful transaction: 4111 1111 1111 1111, with any future expiry date (mm/yy) and 3 digit CVV
  • Test card for a failed transaction: 5105 1051 0510 5100, with any future expiry date (mm/yy) and 3 digit CVV

Once you are ready to go live, uncheck the box and you will start accepting credit and debit card payments on your online store.

The Yoco Payment Gateway

Yoco is one of the leading payment suppliers in South Africa. They operate a large network of credit card machines, and also offer a payment gateway to accept card payments online directly on your website.

The Yoco online payments solution is a great and affordable solution to start receiving payments easily. It is very easy to set up an account with Yoco. You just need to create an account and send your verification documents: your bank account details, a copy of your ID, and your delivery address. 99% of merchants are accepted.

You can see and manage transactions directly on your phone using the Yoco app. The Yoco portal provides real-time information about what is going on with your payments.

Also, Portmoni integrates with the Yoco payment gateway. When you configure Yoco as a payment method on your online store, your store is automatically notified when a client makes a payment. When a notification is received, the order completes in your online store. Both you and your customer automatically receive an email so that you can fulfill the order as needed.

Yoco Fees

The Yoco payment gateway is free to use and does not attract a monthly fee. You are only charged a commission on successful transactions processed through the gateway.

The Yoco transaction fees for South African cards start at 2.95 (ex. VAT) and go down the more you sell. It is already reduced to 2.6% if you receive more than R80,000 per month. For international cards, the Yoco fees start at 3.4% and also go down with the transaction volume. When a payment is received, Yoco sends the money to your bank account within 2 business days.

Yoco merchants that transact R100,000 or more per month can even negotiate the fees directly with Yoco.


I hope this helps, and please do not hesitate if needed!