In this guide we describe the steps to enable payments by Visa, Mastercard and instant EFT on your website in South Africa, using the payment provider PayFast.

Setting this up will enable the following payments methods on your site:

  • Credit & cheque cards
  • Instant EFT (with SA’s four biggest banks)
  • ATM debit cards (via Visa Electron and Maestro)
  • Masterpass
  • Scode


  • This setup is based on the payment supplier PayFast, which is only available for South Africa businesses.
  • Portmoni is not affiliated to PayFast nor receive any commission on the payments processed by PayFast.
Add the Visa, Mastercard and EFT payment options to your site

Add the Visa, Mastercard and EFT payment options to your site

What do you need to do to accept these payment methods?

You simply need to register for a free PayFast account and upload some verification documents. Then, you just need to add your PayFast account information to enable it automatically for your website cart checkout on Portmoni.

Here are the detailed steps to follow

Follow the steps below to activate Visa, Mastercard and EFT with PayFast on your website.

Obtain your Merchant ID and Merchant Key from PayFast

  1. Create your PayFast account at
  2. Log into your PayFast account
  3. Get your Merchant ID, your Merchant Key and your Passphrase from your PayFast account

Set up PayFast on your website

Once your have got your information from your PayFast account:

1. Log into your website editor at

2. Go to the ‘Edit your site’ page

3. Navigate down to the ‘Products + online store options’ section

4. Click on “Edit / add payment options”

Edit or add payment option

5. Click on “Add payment option”

Add payment options

6. Select “Visa, Mastercard, and EFT with Payfast”

Select Visa Mastercard and EFT with Payfast

7. Enter your Merchant ID, your Merchant Key and your passphrase that you got from the PayFast account before

8. Once this information is entered, click on ‘Save’

9. You are now accepting payments with Visa, Mastercard and EFT via PayFast. The option will be automatically offered to your customers when the checkout their cart on your site.

This is it, you can now receive Visa and Mastercard payments on your site!