In this guide we describe how to receive payments by Visa, Mastercard and instant EFT on your website in South Africa, using the payment provider PayFast.

Setting this up will enable the following payments methods on your site:

  • Visa and Mastercard credit and cheque cards
  • Instant EFT (with SA’s biggest banks)
  • Mobicred
  • MoreTyme (buy now and pay later solution by TymeBank)
  • Masterpass (digital wallet from Mastercard)
  • Debit cards from Visa Electron and Maestro
  • Scode
  • SnapScan
  • Zapper

We’re going to cover the following:

Let’s dive into it!


  • This setup is based on the payment supplier PayFast in South Africa. It is only available for South African businesses.
  • Portmoni is not affiliated to PayFast nor receive any commission on the payments processed by PayFast.

Add the Visa, Mastercard and EFT payment options to your site

Add the Visa, Mastercard and EFT payment options to your site

What do you need to use Payfast on your website?

To use the Payfast payment methods on your website, you need to register for a free PayFast account and upload your verification documents. Once your account is verified, you just need to add your PayFast account information in your website editor, as described below. Once it is done, Payfast will become available automatically at your website cart checkout on Portmoni.

How to Configure Payfast on your Website and Online Store

Follow the steps below to activate Visa, Mastercard and EFT with PayFast on your website.

Step 1. Get your PayFast Merchant ID and PayFast Merchant Key from PayFast

Here are the steps to follow:

1. Create your PayFast account at

2. Log into your PayFast account

3. Get your PayFast Merchant ID, your PayFast Merchant Key and your PayFast Passphrase from your account. Here is how to find the passphrase in your Payfast account:

Note: your Payfast Merchant ID and Payfast Merchant Key become available in your Payfast account as soon as your account is verified by Payfast.

Step 2. Configure PayFast on your website

Once your have got your information from your PayFast account:

1. Log into your website editor at

2. Go to the ‘Edit your site’ page

3. Navigate down to the ‘Products + online store options’ section

4. Click on “Edit / add payment options”

Edit or add payment option

5. Click on “Add payment option”

Add payment options

6. Select “Visa, Mastercard, and EFT with Payfast”

Select Visa Mastercard and EFT with Payfast

7. Enter your Payfast Merchant ID, your Payfast Merchant Key and your Payfast passphrase that you got from the PayFast account before

8. Once this information is entered, click on ‘Save’

9. You are now accepting payments with Visa, Mastercard and EFT via PayFast. The option will be automatically offered to your customers when the checkout their cart on your site.

This is it, you can now receive Visa and Mastercard payments on your site!

Testing your Payfast integration

The Payfast sandbox allows testing the Payfast integration with your website. This feature is currently being added and will be available shortly.

What is the Payfast Payment Gateway?

Payfast is one of the leading payment suppliers in South Africa. Started in 2007, Payfast is currently used by over 80,000 merchants in South Africa. The Payfast payment gateway allows easily receiving payments through your website and online store. It also includes many payment methods in one single integration.

To get started, you can create a Payfast account in a few minutes on the Payfast website. You will then submit documentation to get your Payfast account approved. Once your account is verified, you can start receiving payments instantly by website or email. You do not need a merchant account to use Payfast.

The available Payfast payment methods are the following:

  • Visa and Mastercard credit and cheque cards
  • Instant EFT
  • Mobicred
  • MoreTyme (buy now and pay later solution by TymeBank)
  • Masterpass (digital wallet from Mastercard)
  • Debit cards issued by Maestro and Visa Electron
  • SnapScan
  • Scode
  • Zapper

The Payfast Instant EFT solution integrates with all major banks in South Africa. It allows online shoppers to make Electronic Fund Transfer that gets instantly verified. Available banks include FNB, Absa, Standard Bank, Nedbank, Capitec, Investec, TymeBank, African Bank, and Bidvest.

Portmoni offers a Payfast integration through the Payfast API. Thanks to this integration, you can configure Payfast in a few minutes on your site, and start accepting payments at your website checkout. All you need is your Payfast Merchant ID, your Payfast Merchant Key, and your Payfast Passphrase, as described above. They are all available in your Payfast account as soon as it is verified.

Payfast Fees

Payfast does not charge any monthly or setup fee. You only pay a small fee for each payment successfully processed. You also do not need a merchant bank account to get paid.

The Payfast fees depend on the payment method. For Visa and Mastercard, the fee is 3.2% plus R2.0 per transaction. For the Payfast Instant EFT, the Payfast transaction fee is 2%, with a minimum of R2.0.

SnapScan, Zapper, Masterpass, Maestro, and Visa Electron cards attract a fee of 3.5% plus R2.0, and Mobicred 3.5%. Finally, MoreTyme is charged 5.5% plus R2.0, and Scode 4.5% plus R5.0.

In addition to the transaction fees, Payfast charges a flat payout fee of R8.7 excluding VAT to withdraw money to your bank account. This fee does not change regardless of the amount of the payout. You can also easily refund any payment processed through Payfast. Refunds attract a fee of R2.

The Bottom Line

Overall Payfast is not the cheapest payment gateway in South Africa. But their fast and easy verification processes, as well as the high number of payment methods they offer make it an ideal payment gateway to use on your site.