Latest Updates & Features

Here are the latest updates and features added to your site and to your website and online store builder.

January 2023

  • An inventory report is now available in the ‘Products’ section of your site editor
  • Visitors can now post comments on your news and blog posts

December 2022

  • Added TikTok to the social media options

November 2022

  • Added SKUs for products and for product variants
  • Added the option to do customizes discounts for each variant of a product
  • Added the option to add a product to multiple categories

October 2022

  • Added ‘Top’ and ‘Bottom’ buttons to reorder pictures
  • Fixed issue in notification emails when there is a discount
  • You can now display a Download counter for your media files

July 2022

  • The abandoned cart recovery sequence has been increased from 1 to 3 emails

June 2022

  • Products pages now include a “Recommended for you” section that highlights other products from your shop (as part of the advanced package)

May 2022

  • You can now duplicate products in your online store
  • The “see more” buttons on the home page are more visible

February 2022

  • Added zoom on images on product pages in the online stores
  • Added different options of live chat: whatsapp, and Facebook Messenger are now available
  • Added invoices to the payments history

January 2022

  • Speed of the checkout and cart was increased
  • The Facebook Marketplace feed speed was improved
  • Search button now shows a spinner when the search in ongoing

December 2021

  • Pictures of the products ordered are now visible in the orders management page
  • Discount codes are now trimmed of left and right space to avoid issues

November 2021

  • A picture of the ordered products in now available in the order confirmation emails
  • Redirection after adding product options has been fixed

September 2021

  • Currency of the online store can now be changed
  • Extended signup option to more countries
  • Added Stripe as a payment option for the online store in countries where it is available

August 2021

  • You can now see a full list of the abandoned cart for your online store (all packages)
  • You can now setup automated abandoned cart follow-up emails (advanced package)
  • You can now download a backup of your site from the “Account” tab in your site editor
  • You can request a domain transfer directly from the “Domain” tab in your site editor

July 2021

  • Automatically renew domains when new payment received for expired accounts
  • Issue allowing client to submit the same cart multiple times has now been fixed

June 2021

  • New package:  you can now personalize the SEO fields of all pages
  • You can now optionally request the customer post code in the checkout form
  • A page with the list of contact form messages is now available
  • A page with the list of donation promises is now available
  • Redesigned editor to make it clearer (icons, layout of pages with cards)
  • You can now configure which notification emails you want to receive

May 2021

  • New advanced package available for new accounts (coming end of June for all existing accounts). It includes new features, such as:
    • Custom html
    • Custom css
    • Google Shopping integration
    • Facebook Commerce integration
    • Customize the SEO fields of the home page
    • Microdata added to product pages automatically
  • You can now add multiple addresses in the address field in your contact page
  • Fixed issue with the title of the category pages
  • You can now configure your Facebook Pixel in your account yourself

April 2021

  • Update help page with more resources, including Youtube channel and Knowledge base
  • New version of card processing backend (improved performance)
  • Notification of domain renewal for inactive accounts

March 2021

  • Added subcategories to the products, media and gallery pictures
  • Improved performance of sitemaps
  • Improved mobile menu shortcuts and labels
  • Improved FAQ page

February 2021

  • Add breadcrumbs to improve the in-app navigation
  • You can now personalize the content and the image of the payment methods
  • You can now add custom payment methods
  • Improved performance of sort by price
  • Improved help page and menu details on mobile

January 2021

  • You can now activate and deactivate your online store module
  • You can now choose to ask for details by WhatsApp, email, and no button when the products are not available
  • You can now make all combinations of your product options available on your site in 1 click
  • You can now create events in the “Events” section
  • The layout of the buttons in the edit sections has been improved
  • Speed improvements

December 2020

  • All sites have been migrated to new, faster servers
  • Added a new “Free shipping above amount” option for shipping
  • You can now display a a bar with your email and phone number at the top of your site
  • You can now use a button to “move to top” and “move to bottom” items in sections

November 2020

  • You can now easily unsubscribe from on-boarding and tips emails
  • You can now display a banner with a personalized message at the top of your site

October 2020

  • A warning is now displayed in your dashboard if your email is unreachable
  • Added more instructions in order notifications
  • Added arrows to scroll down in the site editor
  • Deleted and unavailable products are automatically removed from the cart

September 2020

  • The package update page has been redesigned to be easier and clearer to navigate
  • You can now personalize your theme colors to any color of your choice
  • You can now manage your order status directly from your site editor
  • You can now decide to add back to stock the items from orders that are cancelled

August 2020

  • You can now add a slideshow in your header section background
  • All pages are now paginated for easier navigation and faster display
  • Your visitors can now sort the products by name, price, and rating
  • You can now customize the fields you want to appear on your checkout page
  • Section with multiple items are now paginated to improve your site performance
  • Your visitors can now add reviews on your products

July 2020

  • A scroll to top button is now available on all long pages
  • Added the FAQ, returns and shipping policy pages
  • Finalized the knowledge base at
  • Added discount codes and coupons to the online stores

June 2020

  • Added the option to personalize the number of columns to display on mobile and on desktop
  • Published a guide on how to start your online store
  • Added the option to add captions to the images in the gallery
  • Added the author and publication date to the blog posts
  • Updated the layout of the blog posts and of the services to improve the display
  • You can now select the color of the text in the header section of your site
  • You can now publish and unpublish your site to show a coming soon page

May 2020

  • The phone number is now clickable in the contact details section
  • The Facebook link is now hidden when the field is empty
  • The search function has been added to all sites
  • You can now filter your products, services, news and medias inside your site editor
  • The header background images display on mobile has been improved for higher quality
  • You can now configure your email forwarders yourself directly from the “Domain” tab in your site editor
  • Your payment by bank deposit and bank transfer are now added automatically to your account within 1 hour after they reflect
  • You can now add Google AdSense to your site by pasting the Google AdSense code instead of the Publisher ID

April 2020

  • Corrected the shortcut to the payment page when an existing subscription exists
  • Migrated to new WhatsApp support number +27600702123
  • You can now cancel your recurring subscription directly from your site editor
  • Bank transactions are now reconciled automatically with your account
  • You can now create your email forwarders yourself directly from your site editor

March 2020

  • You can now setup your domain yourself when you upgrade to a plan that includes your own domain
  • You can now reorder the sections on your home page and hide them at your convenience
  • You can now reorder the items in your menu and hide them at your convenience
  • All images thumbnails and sizes are now pre-processed to accelerate the sites loading
  • Your site editor now use updated reorder and delete methods for improved speed

February 2020

  • You can now personalize the title of all sections
  • You can now reorder the blog posts and the payment options

January 2020

  • You can now update your card details directly from the site editor
  • You can now add headings and subheadings in all item descriptions (services, blog posts…)
  • The text editor now includes the undo and redo functions

December 2019

  • The default URL of the sites now include www
  • A “Share on” mention was added for the share links, to clarify the behavior of the links for your visitors. It can be removed using in the social media preferences, if wished.
  • You can now edit existing pictures to add a category to them
  • The card statement descriptor is now made more explicit ( website)
  • The template and the category of the business can now be edited in the “Organization details”
  • The dashboard WhatsApp shortcuts was not working on some devices and were fixed

November 2019

  • You can now create product variants for each product, like different sizes or colors.
  • It is now possible to add multiple pictures for each product
  • Added a partners section and a testimonials section
  • Added button to the donation section on the home page
  • Fixed issue in Change / Remove images, improved speed of home page loading

October 2019

  • You can now create categories for the pictures, medias, and news sections. A specific section with the categories can be displayed on the home page, and a specific page per category is also automatically added. Finally, a filter by category is also added for the different elements.
  • You can now select among 6 different choices for the design of the social media share buttons, choose which social media share buttons to include (Facebook, Twitter and / or WhatsApp), and in which sections to display them
  • You can now personalize the text, image, and default amount for your donations section
  • You can embed Google Forms directly on your site:
  • Simplified and improved the signup process
  • When you get your own domain, your existing is now automatically redirecting to your own domain

September 2019

  • You can now manage the inventory of your products by defining the quantity in stock. The stock is automatically decreased with an order is placed by a visitor
  • You can now hide products from your site without having to delete them
  • A dedicated product categories page is now available, and the product categories can also be added as a section on your home page and in the menu
  • You can now deactivate the dark overlay on the header background of your site
  • The links colors have been updated colors to match the themes
  • You can personalize the contact details section header and menu, and hide them if wished
  • You can now update your email username directly from the “Account” page
  • The media files are now delivered from an updated service. Both uploading and downloading speed have been improved

August 2019

  • You can now embed YouTube videos directly on your site, in the media files section
  • You can now hide the service, products, media and posts section from your home page and from the menu
  • You can now personalize the media section title and header menu link
  • A dedicated donations functionality has been added. It includes a donation section for the home page and a dedicated donation page
  • A WhatsApp 1-click floating button has been added on every page
  • When you create a new site, a default picture and default content are automatically added to your site, based on the template you selected
  • A WhatsApp help button is now available in every page of your website editor
  • You can now remove the images in the website editor in the logo, header background, services, products and other sections
  • New color themes have been added to the website editor
  • When a logo is added to the site, it is also used for the favicon and displayed automatically in the browser bar
  • It is now possible to add discounts to products

July 2019

  • A separate page is automatically created for each service, product, media, and post.
  • Each page also displays its own preview image and title when shared on WhatsApp and Facebook.
  • You can add shipping options to your site
  • A “Ask for details” button is displayed for products when the price is left at 0
  • You can add LinkedIn to your social media links
  • You can add a “Terms and conditions” and a “Privacy policy” page to your site
  • You can now personalize the top button of your site
  • An ads.txt file is automatically generated for Google AdSense requirements
  • You can now hide your banking details from the home page while showing them at the cart checkout stage
  • The pages css and javascript has been strongly optimized to increase page speed
  • A separate page for the “About us” section has been added
  • Images are now lazy loaded to improve performance

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